Cancer of the throat about 3 years after the antennas

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Feb 11, 2009, 2:46:20 AM2/11/09
Letter from Munich, Germany.
Hi Robert,

Today I listened to you on VOCM Radio on my computer here in Munich

I am indeed happy to hear that you are very active regarding Cell-Phone Antennas and other related things.

Here in Munich we have those antennas about every 500 metres or less away from big apartment houses etc.  Many people are very upset about it and have organized groups in every part of Munich. We ask many questions, but the answers that we get are not satisfying.
Next to me is a Hotel and the owner gets about EURO 500.00 each month for each antenna that is on the hotel roof. There are 3 antennas about 25 metres away from my apartment next to this hotel.  (The owner doesn't live near his hotel antennas though).I think he just likes the money.

They have even found those cellphone antennas hidden in many places.  There are some here in Germany hidden behind a cross on a church and up inside the towers. Some apartment homes have them on the roofs hidden in a look-like chimney. You would never think that it was an antenna.

My neighbour developed Cancer of the throat about 3 years after the antennas were installed and other people have other related problems, but not throat cancer.  Many cannot sleep sound any more etc. etc. etc. I developed throat problems after about 2 years. As I visited a specialist (Radiologist) for treatments I asked him if the antennas were dangerous to my health. Naturally you never get a satisfying answer to any questions asked regarding those antennas. If he would have told me that they were then he was afraid that I would go to the press and then he would find no peace any more. He spoke to me only in the CONDITIONAL tense. ("If I were you I would look for another apartment etc.")  I have read much in Munich Newspapers about changes in people's health after a number of years living near the antennas. Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain etc are having the same problems.

There have been many cancer cases in smaller towns outside Munich and other parts of Germany where people are living near those antennas.  In a few towns many women got Breast Cancer who were living about 300 Metres away from the antennas and also children developed Leukaemia who were living near the antennas. The authorities just say that there is no proof that it was caused by the antennas. The people who were living further away did not develop cancer at such a high rate. This is a fact.

I was in the City Hall here in Munich to ask questions, but the answers were not satisfying.  They say there is no proof of the antennas being dangerous because the rays from them have a certain level which is in range of being safe here in Germany.

Another case I know about some people who breed special horses and other animals since 4 generations and there was never any problem, but now some animals are already born with disorders. You can read about this in certain Internet Sites, but I think they are all in German language. Not only Germany, but many other European countries have the same problem.  I read something similar about this in Canada or U.S.A. too.

This information I gave you is a fact.  I thought it might interest you.

Enclosed you will find photos showing the antennas just about 20 meters direct across from my apartment.
Next week I will be in EGYPT for one month. Sometimes I am in Tunesia or South Turkey for a longer period of time.  When I am away from my apartment I can sleep much better and more sound.  After arriving back I notice that I do not sleep sound anymore.  I am sure that it is caused by those cell-phone poles next to my apartment.

I wish you much success in your research and other connected matters.


Mike Ivany, Munich, Germany

I am a former Newfoundlander, but live in Munich since 1970.
Letter to the Sun Editor

Dear Sir
I read with great interest Mr. Zimonjic's article about the number of petitions having been submitted to the Auditor General of Canada last year about electromagnetic radiation and the associated danger to the public's health. I would like to inform Mr. Zimonjic that even though Health Canada technically responded to 86% of the petitions within 120 days, that does not mean answers were received by the petitioners. Take for example my petition, #255 ( ). I addressed my petition to both Health Canada and Industry Canada. I did receive a response from Health Canada within the 120 days, but most of the questions were not answered and were simply ignored. I did not receive Industry Canada's response until about 3 days ago (about 3 months late) and the vast majority of the replies were blank.
Many of my concerns were about Health Canada establishing standards based on industry-funded studies. No one would be surprised to hear that these studies all showed no danger from electromagnetic radiation from radio, tv or cell transmitters. Health Canada does not consider independent studies because there are not as many as the industry-funded studies. My concerns were not addressed. I would suggest that Mr. Zimonjiv read my petition and the responses at the end of it to see the lack of response the public receives to these petitions. If he would like to see the responses from Industry Canada, I would be happy to send a copy.
Unfortunately there is no requirement by the Auditor General that accurate, real answers are provided. Therefore, even though the public may be submitting more petitions and wanting more information, we are still being kept in the dark. Very frustrating and sad that such games are being played.
Yours truly,
Sharon Noble
Victoria, British Columbia

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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