The possibility that EMF causes serious health problems

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Oct 1, 2007, 3:49:19 AM10/1/07
This message and the attached letter were sent to me from Vancouver
Island, British Columbia, Canada. Residents living close to large
antennas have discovered and measured strong electro magnetic radiation
emissions around their homes. They have noticed much sickness in the
neighborhood, which appears to be related to their EMR exposure. For
many months they have run into 'roadblocks' caused by government and
health officials.

The attached letter is a breakthrough because it is written by a Member
of Canadian Parliament who is also a medical doctor. He has obviously
read some of the scientific research that has been provided and is
concerned enough to take the matter to the Minister of Health for
Canada. Two other Members of Parliament have also indicated their
support for the residents concerns.

This is in stark contrast to my own Member of Parliament, Mr. Dave
MacKenzie, a member of the present Conservative government, who will not
even meet with me. MacKenzie has also been provided with similar
scientific research showing the dangers of EMR.

Lets hope that the Minister of Health will actually look at the
scientific research and discover how his own employees are putting the
lives of all Canadians in great danger by ignoring research which shows
serious harm to health from electro magnetic radiation!

Martin Weatherall
Co-Director W.E.E.P.
(Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution).

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From: Dennis Noble
To: Martin Weatherall
Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2007 6:26 PM
Subject: Letter from Keith Martin

Hello, Martin,
Attached is a copy of a letter that Keith Martin (our MP) sent to Tony
Clement, Minister of Health, in which he finally acknowledged the
serious possibility that EMF causes serious health problems. He gave me
permission to circulate it widely and to whomever I want, so I thought
you might find it of some use. That gives us at least 3 MPs who have
shown support and concern.


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