Wi-Fi and the Dangers of Microwave Radiation on Aircraft

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Mar 5, 2013, 11:51:37 PM3/5/13
This link is to an article by Kerry Crofton regarding microwave radiation on planes and the possibility of it adversely affecting pilots, aircrew and passengers.

Apparently two pilots fainted during a flight and the question is, "Could this have been related to electrosmog exposure?" 

Many of us are aware that some flights have-and many more flights will have-Wi-Fi connectivity.  This is bad news for those sensitive to this energy and for those not wanting to be exposed unnecessary.  However, if you are  a pilot or co-pilot and you become ill when you are exposed to this radiation it could be disastrous! 

I know of a high school student who fainted after standing just a few feet from a Wi-Fi router in the hall of her school.  She had braces, which would make the radiation worse. 

The cockpit of an airplane is already electromagnetically polluted by low frequency (400 Hz) magnetic fields associated with the internal wires (that typically run through conduits behind both the pilot and co-pilot) and that are generated by the heating of the windows (to keep them flexible); to the radar; to the "coming soon" Wi-Fi radiation.  That combined with being in polluted airports, cosmic radiation, changes in time-zones, job-stress, and sleep issues may produce the perfect storm. 

From a scientific perspective it would be useful to know how health status of pilots has changed during the last few decades and how much their exposure to radiation has changed during that same period. 

I was on a flight a few years ago from Las Vegas to Toronto (no I wasn't gambling) and measured the cockpit of the airplane.  I was told that the industry had done measurements a few years earlier but neither the industry nor the union released the results to their pilots!  In this case "no news" is not necessarily "good news"!

There are certain professions that are responsible for the lives of many and pilots and co-pilots are near the top of that list.  We need to take this situation seriously if we want to avert a disaster.  Even in the event that we are wrong about electrosmog making pilots faint, practicing good electromagnetic hygiene on board civilian and military aircrafts is a good idea.

See also http://radiationrescue.org/

Informant: Martin Weatherall
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