Sebastopol CA terminates contract for free city wide Wi-Fi

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California town gets cold feet about free municipal WiFi

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City-Provided Wi-Fi Rejected Over "Health Concerns"

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My Latest Letter to Local Santa Cruz Government

Posted by: Angela Flynn
Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:08 am (PDT)

Dear Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, Planning Department and
City Council of Santa Cruz,

I write to you once again regarding the electromagnetic radiation
exposure that has been thrust upon our community through the unchecked
proliferation of wireless devices. This issue has reached a higher
level of urgency for me as the tree which shielded my home from my
neighborhood cell tower was recently cut down and the increased
exposure has caused me to become even more sensitive to emr. My house
is approximately 300 feet from the wcf located at 1240 Soquel Avenue,
SC. I had the radiation level tested last year at my home and this is
how I discovered the tower. Neither I nor the person with the
radiation detector are experts in this field and I cannot give you
numbers, however the meter went to the highest level when it was held
in direct line of sight to the wcf at my kitchen window. There was a
large tree on a neighbor's property which shielded my house and the
radio frequency levels were not extreme in the rest of the house. The
tree was cut down a month ago and I had the house retested. There are
now high levels throughout the living room and in the yard. I keep to
my bedroom which is in the back of the house, but even here I can feel
that the ambient level of radiation has gone up. This situation is
totally unacceptable. I am aware of what is causing me harm, but many
people are being harmed by cell towers and they have no idea as to
what is really going on.

My understanding is that the cell tower monitoring reports are to be
reported on at the BoS meeting on 4/29. I have to say that to allow
the telecom industry to police itself is a joke. I am currently
reading Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette by Robert C. Kane. Mr.
Kane was employed by the telecommunications industry for more than
thirty years. He holds a BSEE from the Midwest College of Engineering,
an MSEE with an emphasis on electromagnetics from the Illinois
Institute of Technology and also at the Illinois Institute of
Technology, has completed the full course of study and research
leading to a Ph.D. in electrical engineering with an emphasis in the
fields of electromagnetics and solid state physics. As a research
scientist and product engineer, he has been directly involved with
programs and projects for the design and development of portable cell
phones, radio frequency mobile radios, microwave telecommunications
systems, video display systems and biological effects research.

His book, published in 2001, gives a historical and scientific
perspective of the public deception the telecommunications industry
has conducted regarding the adverse health effects from exposure to
the microwave radiation from wireless devices. There are studies
dating back to the 1950s which demonstrate the damage done by this
exposure. It has not been comforting for me to read this book and find
my symptoms throughout its pages. It makes me very angry that I and
millions of other people are suffering due to the lies and cover ups
from this industry.

I have purchased a microwave detector and will start to monitor the
levels of radiation at my home and in our community as soon as it is
delivered. I will be testing for hot spots. These are spots where the
radiation levels are increased due to attenuation or other factors.
According to Mr. Kane there are many factors that must be considered
regarding the levels of radiation and the tests done by the industry
are completely inadequate. Mr. Kane explains the physics as to why
children's heads absorb more radiation and how the industry has deemed
that it is acceptable that some people will die from their exposure to
this radiation. I recommend that you all read the book. I will be
returning it to the library when I am done. I have only one
disagreement with Mr. Kane and that is over the title of his book -
Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette as there are no blanks in this
wager. None of us are immune. It is only the degree of our exposure
and our physiological make up which determine how we will be effected.

The world is facing an epidemic of brain tumors due to cell phone use.
Recently Dr. Vini G. Khurana, MBBS, BSC(Med), Phd, FRACS issued a
mobile phone brain tumor public health advisory. This can be accessed
at . According to Dr.
Khurana, his Web-based publication on March 20, 2008, follows 15
months of objective research by the author, involving the critical
review of scores of sources in the recent medical and scientific
literature, in addition to Press reports and Internet content. This e-
paper represents a systematic and concise yet comprehensive review of
this area to date and its findings highlight an emerging global public
health concern. Dr. Khurana warns us:

The "incubation time" or "latency" (i.e., the time from commencement
of regular mobile phone usage to the diagnosis of a malignant solid
brain tumour in a susceptible individual) may be in the order of 10-20
years. In the years 2008-2012, we will have reached the appropriate
length of follow-up time to begin to definitively observe the impact
of this global technology on brain tumour incidence rates.
There is currently enough evidence and technology available to warrant
Industry and Governments alike in taking immediate steps to reduce
exposure of consumers to mobile phone-related electromagnetic
radiation and to make consumers clearly aware of potential dangers and
how to use this technology sensibly and safely.

It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health
ramifications than asbestos and smoking, and directly concerns all of
us, particularly the younger generation, including very young

As someone who does not own a cell phone I find it completely
unacceptable that I must be radiated by those who do. As I now live
with a high level of exposure I have become even more sensitive to
this radiation. This is making life extremely difficult for me as I
now have to limit my time at locations that have wifi and where there
are concentrations of people with cell phones. This is not how I want
to live my life. I want these wcfs out of our neighborhoods. What is
happening to me is happening to people all over the world and will
happen to more and more people as they reach their tipping point of
exposure to emr.

There was a recent article about Brian Stein. Mr. Stein is the CEO of
Samworth Brothers, a billion dollar corporation in the UK. Mr Stein is
electrosensitive and attributes his sensitivity to his years of using
a cell phone. Mr. Stein started using mobile phones in the late 1980s.
Seven years ago he started having "weird sensations" and feeling pains
in his ear, but kept on using his phones. "One day I felt a very
severe pain, like my eardrum was bursting. I couldn't tolerate putting
the mobile phone to my head from then on," he said.

He also said he spent approximately $40,000 (UK) to shield his home
from ambient microwaves. I do not envy him his sensitivity, but I do
envy his ability to protect himself. Very few of us have the
discretionary income to provide any truly adequate shielding.

According to Andrew Goldsworthy:

"People living close to mobile phone masts (base stations) frequently
report symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity such as dizziness,
headaches, skin conditions, allergies and many others, the mechanisms
for which are only just beginning to be understood (see The Dangers of
Electromagnetic Smog).

There is also growing anecdotal evidence for cancer clusters forming
around them. However, we are regularly told by the mobile phone
industry that these base stations are safe because their microwave
radiation falls off rapidly with distance and is far too low to
generate significant heat. Sadly, this is not true. It is based on the
false assumption that it is only their heating effect that can cause
damage and a serious misunderstanding of the ways in which living
organisms use negative feedback to respond to changes in their
environment, including the metabolic insults from mobile phones."

I wonder how many people have to get brain tumors and cancer before we
will take action to protect ourselves. It is not a fate that I want
for myself or for my neighbors. I wonder if there has been any attempt
to analyze data regarding cancer rates in proximity to cell towers
particularly in the City of Santa Cruz where these towers practically
sit on people's homes. I wonder if you all even care.

Recently the town of Sebastopol rejected a plan to wifi the entire
city. Paris uninstalled a system in the public libraries. Warnings are
issued continuously to avoid extreme exposure and yet the city of
Santa Cruz has plans to become part of 1,500 mile seamless wifi
network. You may as well start stocking up on coffins and prepare the
nursing homes for the influx of early onset alzheimer's cases. I can
only end by saying it is very frustrating to have done so much
research into this issue and then to be completely dismissed by people
who toe the industries line whose own admissions are that it is
acceptable that they are causing harm. They know children are more
susceptible. They know this and they just don't care.

I sincerely hope that this issue is placed as the priority it is. It
is time for you to stand up and fight for our health. Believe me, I
and thousands of other people spend as much time as we can raising
awareness on this public health crisis, but we need our government
leaders to join in and enact laws and issue warnings to protect the
people they represent.

Sincerely submitted,

Angela Flynn

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May 29, 2008, 5:22:11 PM5/29/08
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Waves of concern over SRJC plan for free Wi-Fi

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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May 29, 2008, 5:26:32 PM5/29/08
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Text for the message above:

Waves of concern over SRJC plan for free Wi-Fi

Hope Bahanec, Contributing Writer
Published: May 12, 2008 Section:News

Riding around campus on his bike, John George (not his real name)
looks like any other 40-something JC student. In fact, he appears
quite fit. However, like many illnesses, his chronic medical condition
is invisible. His condition, which includes Multiple Chemical
Sensitivity, has kept him debilitated for much of the last 18 years.

“Usually, I’m home in bed. It’s extremely challenging. This winter, my
pain was so bad I couldn’t physically leave my apartment for three
months,” George said.

George moved to Sonoma County 12 years ago from Berkley to get away
from environmental pollution. “Now, everything has increased:
population, traffic, smog. We are being bombarded with fumes and
chemicals and people like me are getting sick.”

A part-time JC student in the Adaptive Physical Education Program,
George has deep concerns about the proposal from to cover
the JC Campus with free wireless service for students.

George is part of a growing number of concerned people who believe
that man-made electromagnetic fields, EMF’s, from cell phone towers
and wireless Internet connections are a form of invisible pollution
making people sick with illnesses from depression to compromised
immune systems to cancer.

“It’s not the origin of my condition, but it exacerbates it. When I
come in contact with EMF’s, I get headaches, dizziness and other
neurological symptoms. Then later, severe insomnia.”

Both natural and man-made radiation is everywhere. Light from the sun
is electromagnetic radiation and we need this radiation for life to
exist. The debate concerns man-made waves, particularly radio
frequencies, doing harm to the human body.

Man-made waves come from radio and TV station’s antennas, cell phone
towers and Wi-Fi as well as electrical appliances like computers,
alarm clocks and toasters.

Ken Fiori, the JC Director of Computing Services says that the free Wi-
Fi service from will be phased in over the next six months,
first on the Santa Rosa campus and then Petaluma and Windsor.

Fiori feels claims about EMF’s are not based on science, is quoted out
of context or is not scientifically sound.

“The conclusion that you see over and over again is that there is no
cause-and-effect relation between radio frequency waves and health
issues. I wouldn’t put a gun to my head. I have a high degree of
confidence that I’m not putting myself at any risk,” Fiori said.

The Sebastopol City Council recently took a stand on the side of
caution and refused a proposal from to offer free wireless,
or Wi-Fi, to the entire city of Sebastopol.

The decision drew international attention and an angry citizen
backlash. There was even a “pro-Wi-Fi” float in the Apple Blossom
Parade, with a woman on a laptop behind bars and participants
shouting, “Free the Wi-Fi!” A petition in favor of Wi-Fi is
circulating with more than 1,ooo signatures. The council’s decision
will be reevaluated in a few months.

Dr. Jeff Fawcett, who holds a Ph.D. in environmental economics and co-
hosts a weekly health program on KPFA radio, says that EMF’s are a
global public health concern. Dr. Fawcett believes there is growing
scientific evidence that Wi-Fi technology is dangerous.

“People who are sensitive to this kind of radiation experience
insomnia, cognitive difficulties and neurological effects. When you
blanket an entire area, people will be in a soup of radiation and not
able to get out of it,” Dr. Fawcett said.
When a large area is designated for wireless, “It’s not giving people
a choice,” George said. “People who are physically or neurologically
challenged can’t get away from it.” If the proposal goes through,
George feels he won’t be able to come to his SRJC classes anymore.

Dane Jasper, CEO and Co-founder of, has sympathy for those
concerned about electromagnetic radiation but also wants to offer a
free service to students and residents. “Instead of being cooped up in
a cubicle, they can go out to the park, get connected and enjoy life.”

Jasper admits that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a legitimate
condition, recognized by scientists and doctors. However, he says that
many of the symptoms experienced- headaches, insomnia and rashes are
also symptoms of fear and anxiety, widely regarded as psychosomatic
symptoms. “Studies have not found any connection between EMF’s and the
symptoms that people experience. In fact, the studies that showed no
ill effects were at a much higher energy output” than the proposed

Jasper explained that one wireless access point puts out about one-
tenth of a watt of energy and covers about a city block. A cell phone
tower that creates about six-tenths of a watt and can reach hundreds
of miles. “Cell phones and cell towers output much more power than Wi-
Fi. Wi-fi is the small fish in a big pond of EMF’s.”

Jasper says local radio towers like KZST and KJZY pouring out 6000
watts of energy each would be more of a concern. Jasper acknowledges
that emotions on this subject are strong and that “It is a serious
subject for a minority of people. I feel sympathetic to the concerns,
but they are not interpreting the science correctly.”

JC student Cyndi Varady says that full wireless campus coverage would
be a “really cool resource for students.” When asked about the health
concerns, Varady said, “Wi-fi is everywhere at this point, much like
radio waves. I haven’t heard that it was dangerous in any way.”

According to Dr. Fawcett, our bodies react to the radiation even if we
don’t feel it. “When exposed to EMF’s, the cells of the body produce
stress proteins, that protect the cells. This further confirms that
whether or not you are experiencing symptoms, your body is reacting to
an assault.”

The Bioinitiative Report, a scientific document warning of the dangers
of EMF’s compiled by concerned scientists, researchers and doctors
from around the world states, “The stress (protein) response shows
that cells react to EMF’s as potentially harmful.”

This report and other evidence prompted the European Environmental
Agency to call for a reexamination of current standard of exposure to
EMF’s from all sources. In fact, Europe is taking a role in reducing
man-made electromagnetic waves.

According to Dr. Fawcett, the city libraries in Paris are turning off
their Wi-Fi. Sir William Stewart, the head of England’s Health
Protection Agency, has called for a moratorium on Wi-Fi in elementary
schools and further investigation is backed by the Teacher’s Union.

However, the mainstream consensus is that there is no concrete
evidence that EMF’s are harmful. The World Health Organization and the
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which set safety
standards for many nations including the United States, have concluded
that there is no danger to the current exposure levels of EMF fields.

Still, Wi-Fi opponents believe that the technology is too new and long-
term studies have yet to be done.

“It is my opinion that where we are now with these technologies is
where second-hand smoke was 30 years ago. Unfortunately, as with
smoking, it will take citizen activism and the result of the
experiment that we are all being subjected to, for action to be
taken,” Dr Fawcett said.

George chose to not use his real name because of the backlash he and
his fellow activists have encountered. “For someone living with
disabilities for as long as I have, I have experienced oppression and
insensitivities, but this has caused all-out bashing. They are calling
us fakes and quacks,” he said.

“We are like canaries in the coalmine. This is something that will
affect everyone eventually.”

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