The situation in the UK is very worrying as it is in other countries

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Apr 15, 2010, 3:45:00 AM4/15/10

As you know I have written many letters recently to the leaders of all political parties and my local MP/AM. I have copied these letters to the Welsh and Irish Assemblies and to the Scottish Government.

The situation in the UK is very worrying as it is in other countries. I am really concerned, especially for children, animal life and the electro hypersensitive people who are having increasing problems and can't find safer places, even for brief periods, to recover.

I have learnt that my letters to political party leaders and my local MP/AM are being sent to the Department of Health and to Health Ministers, some of whom are in turn sending the letters to the Health Protection Agency.

I quite expected this, but did ask that the DoH and the HPA should not be involved as I am sick of receiving the same responses year in and year out, which are basically a denial of harm, with most scientific research discredited as “unbalanced or flawed.”

For this very reason I did not include any peer reviewed research links. However I did enclose, to my local MP, an article written by an honourable and respected biologist with an excellent career background in this field. This article was sent to the Health Protection Agency and was deemed to be “unbalanced.”

What hope is there if they can't even distinguish between an informative article and peer reviewed research!

Below is my very last response to the Department of Health, which was copied to the Health Protection Agency. I have not contacted either since 2006/7 because they have no interest in helping the people who are suffering or becoming ill unnecessarily.

This Department of Health letter has changed very little since 2004 and has been sent to many of us as the last word. Everyone who has researched knows it is inaccurate to say the very least.

I want this put out so that people can research and see for themselves. That way at least they will know the truth.


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