Is Wi-Fi making me sick?

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Jan 1, 2009, 2:46:48 AM1/1/09
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Is wi-fi making me *sick*? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
Do televisions, *microwave* ovens, and cordless phones have the same
effect on you ? *...* Wi - Fi or wireless fidelity is just *radio waves*
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Is wi-fi making me sick?

10 days ago I got wifi in my apartment and have had it constantly
switched on, and I have been feeling sick, dizzy, aching and even having
visual problems since. My blood pressure has even risen very high and I
keep feeling my heart beat very stongly now and again. I went out today
and after a while I felt okay again, then came home and it started
again. could there be a connection, I hear 3 in 100 people are senstive
to such things...

Additional Details

2 days ago

I've also had blank spots where I couldn't see for a while in certain
areas, and firework like movements when I close my eyes


Note re above -/ It is worth clicking on the above link to see some of
the stupid answers to this person's question. Martin Weatherall/
/Note re below - Why not add a bit more microwave pollution to an
already polluted hospital environment! Have the makers considered that
the patient's original cardiac arrest could have been caused by WiFi or
cell phones? Martin Weatherall/

ZOLL Receives Clearance To Market R Series Code-Ready Defibrillator
With WiFi Option

Main Category: Cardiovascular / Cardiology
Also Included In: Medical Devices / Diagnostics; IT / Internet / E-mail
Article Date: 23 Dec 2008 - 0:00 PST

May 11, 2008

*Wireless warning sounded*


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