The Torture of Canadians

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Letter to PM - Help Linda Sepp

(Thanks to all that responded and sent messages to the Prime
Minister. Martin)

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am writing in support of Mr. Weatherall's efforts to help a woman
suffering from hypersensitivity, Linda Sepp. Please consider the
following information about this new disease, which is debilitating
more and more of our population each year due to exposure to radiation
from various wireless devices such as radio and cell transmitters,
WiFi, cellphones, etc. Independent scientists have proven that this
constant exposure is damaging to most people over a period of time,
but a significant proportion of people are like the canary in the
mine: they develop sensitivities for all of us to see, showing the
results of the dangers we are forced to endure every day.

Recent studies in many countries have indicated that more and more
people are suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity. The symptoms
are varied and severity ranges from mild to debilitating. Sweden now
recognizes this as a disability and more people are going on
disability pensions each year.

Sweden, Austria, Germany, United States, Switzerland, England and
Ireland participated in studies which indicate an increase in the
number of people affected which corresponds to the increase in
exposure, through more technological development and wider use of
transmitters, such as cell phone towers.

As reported in the journal "Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine",
25:189-191, 2006:
190 Hallberg and Oberfeld Table 1 Estimated prevalence of
electrosensitive people in different years and countries Measured % El
year sensitive Country, reported year Ref. No.:

1985 0.06% Sweden 1991 (0.025–0.125%) National Encyclopedia Sw., 1991
1994 0.63% Sweden 1995 Anonymous est., 1994
1995 1.50% Austria 1995 Leitgeb N. et al., 1995, 2005
1996 1.50% Sweden 1998 SNBHW, Env. report, 1998
1997 2.00% Austria 1998 Leitgeb N. et al., 1998, 2005
1997 1.50% Sweden 1999 Hillert L. et al., 2002
1998 3.20% California 2002 Levallois P., 2002
1999 3.10% Sweden 2001 SValberg PANBHW, Env. report, 2001
2000 3.20% Sweden 2003 Sw Labour Union Sif, 2003
2001 6.00% Germany 2002 Schroeder E., 2002
2002 13.30% Austria 2003 (7.6–19%) Spiß B., 2003
2003 8.00% Germany 2003 Infas, 2003
2003 9.00% Sweden 2004 Elöverkänsligas Riksförbund, 2005
2003 5.00% Schweiz 2005 Bern, Medicine Social, 2005
2003 5.00% Ireland 2005 This is London, 2005
2004 11.00% England 2004 Fox E., 2004
2004 9.00% Germany 2005 Infas, 2004
2017 50.00% Extrapolated to 50%

EHS - which can be very debilitating - is thought to result from large
changes in the immune system caused by continuing exposure to
microwave radiation, leading to chronic inflammation and allergic
responses. Estimates of EHS vary from 3% to 10% of the population in
the UK and other European countries. (The London Resolution, Dec. 3,
2007) Sweden was one of the first countries to adopt wireless
technology, therefore they must be regarded as the bellweather for

Canada did not have the technology and the large number of cell phones
as Europe for some time, but it is logical to assume that Canada's
exposure is growing at the same rate, and the health complaints are,
too. If the pattern continues, soon Canada's pension and health system
will not be able to cope.

I ask that you, Mr. Prime Minister, have independent sources
investigate this information -- NOT Health Canada, which has already
decided to not consider the science which has caused other countries
to take action. Electromagnetic exposure levels need to be reviewed
and revised based upon biological harm to prevent more Canadians from
becoming ill and even dying. Please look at these people who are
sensitive and give them help. And recognize what they are telling us
-- radiation from wireless technology is making us sick.


Sharon Noble
Victoria, British Columbia

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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