Manifesto against Electromagnetic Pollution

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Jun 24, 2011, 12:09:09 AM6/24/11

Attached is the letter that I sent to Premier Christy Clark this morning to address my concerns about the BC Hydro smart meter program and Wi-Fi in schools.

Jim Waugh

Author & publisher


Smart Meter Action Kit

See the attached document:


Autism and Electromagnetic Radiation – a presentation from Wired ...

Research & articles on allergy, intolerance, coeliac disease & other allergy related conditions.


Spain: Manifesto against Electromagnetic Pollution

Dear colleagues,

The Health Defense Organisation has written a Manifesto against Electromagnetic Pollution demanding Spanish central regional and local governments to initiate the application of the precautionary principle with the immediate establishment of maximum limits of 100 nT (nanoteslas) for low-frequency radiation and 100 μW/m2 (microwatts per square meter) for high frequency radiation.

We would like to send it today to give the press time to write about it as the 24th June is the International Day Against Electromagnetic Pollution.

We would like to apologise for such short notice, but after the WHO statements on EMF, we feel this is the perfect time.

If your organization would like to support our petition, please send us an email confirming your interest so we can add your organization's name in the list of signing organizations.

For more information about us and our projects please visit the following links:

Organization for the Defense Health
Geoenvironmental Health Foundation

Thanking you in advance for your time,

Kind Regards,

Irina De la Flor

Organización para la Defensa de la Salud

Health Defense Organisation



Príncipe de Vergara, 36, 6º Dcha,

28001 Madrid, Spain

M. (+34) 607 041 390

T. (+34) 91 299 9411



Parent sues to get Wi-Fi removed from Portland schools

By Meghan Kalkstein KATU News

PORTLAND, Ore. - A parent of a Portland Public Schools student is suing the district claiming Wi-Fi in the schools has alarming effects on children.
David Morrison wants the district to pull Wi-Fi out of the schools immediately and filed a federal lawsuit Friday



Residents blast Smart Meters

Smart Meters are stupid - Rally



Israel cell phone bill

A new bill tabled by Knesset member Yulia Shmalov Berkovitz has received support of dozens of Knesset members and the Minister of environment stated that he would consider said he would consider supporting it.

It includes a line of demands from the phone companies, the most prominent is to send SM Severy day at 12 o'clock in which it will be written:

"Warning: this mobile phone emits non-ionizing radiation. The WHO has decided that its use can cause cancer".

And each time the phone is turned on, a similar warning will appear on the screen.

Anyone who purchases a cell phone will have to sign that they understand the risks of its use, especially in children.

It will include a clause that enables consumers to sue the companies in the future if it will be proven that the use of cellphones

causes cancer.

Participation of children in advertisements will be banned.

Ear piece will have to be given at each purchase.

At least 15% of the companies revenues will go to education to minimize the use of cell phones.

Advertisements will include warning such as those found on cigarettes ads.

The minister Gilad Arden said that public awareness of cell phone use riskis needed. Although he does not support all of the clauses of the bill he considers most of them positively. He will consult with experts.

Yulia reminded that there are many studies that prove direct link of creation of cancer cells from cell phone radiation.

Over the next few weeks this bill will be brought to Knesset discussion.

Yediot newspaper 23.6.11



Radiating Cottage Country

KATRINE – Whether or not a 300-foot tower will be erected over Doe Lake in Katrine is now up to Industry Canada. The towers are part of a 27-tower project Spectrum has undertaken for Blue Sky to bring high-speed to Almaguin and part of Nipissing District as well



Letter to President Obama

Hello, I hope you will take a moment to read the letter below and send one of your own. It only takes a minute.

Contrary to what the electric, gas and water utility companies are saying,wireless "smart" transmitting meters send dangerous levels of pulsed radiation inside and outside homes thousands of times a day, 24/7.

There are groups forming in every state to stop the deployment of these meters but we need to speak out as one voice.

Please write a short letter to President Obama asking him to stop allowing the utility companies to poison us in our own homes with wireless "smart" transmitting utility meters.

Please use the "ENERGY" title on the White House website as the subject for your letter.



Dear President Obama,
I am writing as Executive Director of the Center for Electrosmog Prevention and as one of your supporters in the last election, personally.
I am writing to ask for a policy adjustment on the upgrade to the smart grid, in order to protect the public health, which is at grave risk due to the current, unprecedented proliferation of wireless technologies such as the use of smart meters. Wireless = electrosmog pollution, which is the creation of unnatural levels of electromagnetic radiation. If the current trend continues, your administration may become known as the one that irradiated America causing widespread electromagnetic radiation poisoning. This has surfaced during your administration and can harm your chances of reelection. Americans do not want to be made sick by poorly researched government policies such as updating the electrical grid, funding wireless technologies as the backbone, with the equivalent of a mini-cell tower to be installed on every building and home in America. Due to the archaic use of decades-old science on the topic of non-ionizing radiation, and vigorous lobbying by industry, our current standards for non-ionizing radiation are based on false, obsolete premises. Therefore, when the White House announces as its priority for every state to upgrade the electrical grid, dysfunctional, dangerous wireless technologies such as wireless smart meters will proliferate throughout the entire nation. This need not be the case, especially if wireless was eliminated from the plan. Further, the smart grid plan involves making it impossible to use needed energy for heat waves and cold seasons - so there will be a die-off of elderly, poor, and disabled people, in addition to the rf radiation poisoning. I do not think that is your intention but it will surely be the outcome if the current path is followed. This will certainly create a widespread public health crisis. It does not follow your own policies.
Please pay attention to emerging science and protect the public health and safety. Stop the use of wireless smart meters. Stop the proliferation of wireless in America. Stop electrosmog pollution from harming our citizens aand especially, our children and future generations.
Thank you for your help with this vital matter.

Susan Brinchman
Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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