Does the WHO have any bearing on the precaution that is mandatory when dealing with patients?

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Nov 4, 2007, 5:42:48 PM11/4/07
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"Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose": cigarettes, asbestos,
benzene, PCBs, halocarbons, Thalidomide, DES, tributyltin, EMF-ELF.

The hiring of professor Yu G. Grigoriev by the World Health
Organization points to a scandal of incommensurable proportions and
consequences. Recognition or ignorance, neither one is acceptable. Why
did it take the powerful WHO more than 10 years to accept the value
and importance of the clinical reports of Soviet Medicine concerning
the neurological, endocrinological and cardiovascular dysfunction
caused by microwave exposure? Why, in 10 years of directorate of the
EMF project, did we not hear Michael Repacholi speaking of the Glaser
list? Isn't this review of the available international medical
literature one of the modern tenets of medical education around the
world? Don't medical residents have to review both the history and
international literature of any subject before a seminar or a
dissertation? Is this information hidden to the epidemiologists who
work for the WHO?

One thing is to approve of the association between engineers and
physicians. This is absolutely wonderful! The CAT scan provided
Medicine with a tool that caused a quantum leap in Neurology and it
hassaved the life of millions. But it is totally different to pretend
that the engineer who constructed the scanner is entitled to conduct
diagnoses and much the less treatments using his technology. The
medical, ethical and planetary consequences of research couldn't be
left to a physicist or an engineer to handle. Neither one has had the
experience of human pain in a medical setting. Neither one knows what
it is like to feel empathy for a dying patient or for a human being in
pain. Neither one has the mental structures that a medical training
creates. Is the World Health Organization about wires, batteries,
transistors, screwdrivers, bolts? Or is it about the protection of
human beings? Does the WHO have any bearing on the precaution that is
mandatory when dealing with patients? Isn't a humane and cautious
approach to policy a mandatory element of the World Health
Organization? Where did Michael Repacholi get his medical credentials?
Did Repacholi have to serve a one year of Social Service as in common
for physicians in many nations? Where did Repacholi do his internship?
Why was he allowed and by whom, to take decisions of medical
consequences on a planetary scale? Nobody answers at the WHO.

This powerful tide of knowledge that marks the ascent of Man,
generation after generation, wave after wave, creates the legacy of
what we are. It is thanks to these men who have lived before us and
have learned and left a heritage in science, that we are able to
advance and leave the historical brute behind.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of knowledge
and thought. This Inquisition that imposes the power of money based on
scientific fraud to a planet is no different from the victimizers who
burnt Giordano Bruno alive. And yes indeed, we're being burnt to death
by microwaves.

Eppur si muove!

I'm looking for a Soviet classic by Letavet and Zinaida Gordon:

Letavet, A.A. and Gordon,Z.V. (eds.) "The Biological Action of
Ultrahigh Frequencies". Moscow, USSR: Soviet Academy of Medical
Sciences. 1960.

I will of course cover all the expenses. If any member of the list can
help, please contact me.

Carlos Sosa

Omega Group

Nov 4, 2007, 5:48:41 PM11/4/07
to Mobilfunk-Newsletter
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