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Deb Wells
ETFO Limestone Local VP
November 3, 2007

Dear Deb,

A wireless installation is imminent on my school site and I am
requesting that the concept of the ‘Precautionary Principle’ be enacted
and that you ask for a moratorium from our Board until such time as we
can prove that there will be no harm to the staff or the students of our
school. Once again, I am requesting that we defer to cable based
technologies as opposed to wireless technologies. Please forward my
concerns, yet again, to our Director.

The essence of following commentary is made by Dr. George Carlo in his
interview about ‘WIFI in SCHOOLS: Effects on Teachers and Students.’ He
can be viewed on YouTube at*:
*_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_8iDgn8hP0_* *In some places I have
scribed Dr. Carlo verbatim, or paraphrased his ideas with my own
personal commentary. It is recommended that you view Dr. Carlo on YouTube.
*Dr. George Carlo, Ph.D, M.S., J.D, is a public health scientist,
epidemiologist, lawyer, and the founder of the Science and Public Policy
Institute. Dr. Carlo headed the $28.5 million research program funded by
the cell phone industry from 1993 to 1999. Dr. Carlo has appeared on
20/20, 60 Minutes, World News Tonight, CBS News with Dan Rather and The
Today's Show, as well as on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

*From a human toxicity perspective, there is presently a proliferation
of toxins already in our environment in our water, air and food. In some
regards, humans are able to develop compensations for these and our
nervous systems can develop a response. However, exposure to Wifi
compromises and disrupts our immune system, making children especially
more susceptible to all the other stressors in our environment. This can
create more serious health problems and learning implications for our

Scientists now understand the mechanism of harm from WiFi, which emits
information carrying radio waves. This is the same broad range of
concerns as there are with cell phones. The conditions that the
scientific community are now seeing from exposure to radio waves are
disruption of brain wave profiles, residual brain wave effects in young
childrens’ brains, learning ability issues and cognitive deficits.

*Exposure to WiFi (information carying radio waves) creates a disruption
of intercellular communication, which causes the cell membrane to close
down so active transport channels are not permeable. The cell becomes
nutrient deficient and the cells are then not able to ‘talk’ to
surrounding cells. If nerve cells are not able to ‘talk’ to each other
this will have a direct impact on cognition - specifically on the
ability to learn, focus and retain information. Studies have been done
which demonstrate that behaviourial issues with children can be linked
to WiFi exposure. Disciplinary and management issues in the classroom
can become more prevalent because the intercellular interference
generated by WiFi causes the synapses of the nervous system to stop
working the way they should.

*With exposure to WiFi there is a fundamental disruption of the
physiological process which is more profound in our young people. This
is because children, up to the age of about 19, are more susceptible to
damage from WiFi because their biological cells are differentiating more
that they are proliferating. This means that as children are changing
and growing, there is the possibility of exposing their DNA to damage.
With DNA as it is differentiating in growing children, there is more
opportunity for interference for DNA repair putting children in greater
jeopardy from health effects, learning problems, sleep disorders,
behaviourial disorders, and autism.

*By the very fact of the construction of our schools in their design and
building materials (with a lot of metal), the environment of the school
becomes a resonant cavity for radio waves because the information
carrying radio waves of Wifi become trapped and [continue bounce around
or become absorbed by human tissues.] This creates an environment within
the school where exposures to radio waves are concentrated and where the
dangerous radio waves cannot dissipate or get out.

*Teachers, teaching assistants, teaching support staff and professors
are professional educators who have a great responsibility for educating
our children. Teaching is a profession that requires an ability to
learn, high levels of cognition and good communication skills. Educators
in their place of employment are being chronically exposed to radio
waves for extended lengths of time - initially chronic exposure will
lead to in an inability to focus, tempers becoming more prevalent and
even more seriously over years and years of exposure, the development of
chronic conditions such as brain tumours, leukemia and lymphoma.
Tragically, the possibility is that our educators may lose their
cognitive ability because of the disruption of their own intercellular
communication [and with this loss, our society will lose our
intellectual resource personnel.] Furthermore, this is a dangerous
occupational hazard that may well [bankrupt] Workman’s Compensation. [At
this point in time with the scientific knowledge base that we now
possess, our employer will be culpable for its lack of action in
protecting not only its employees, but also its students].

*At the present time this issue of WiFi in schools is receiving great
international media exposure specifically in the United Kingdom and in
Central Europe (Austria, Germany). There is a dramatic public outcry and
demands as to why the appropriate research was not done before the
installation of wireless technologies in schools.

[In response to Dr. Carlo’s comment that Canada has a ‘Safe Wireless
Initiative’, I can only comment that here in Ontario this notion of a
‘Safe Wireless Initiative’ does not exist nor to my knowledge has one
been proposed as our school personnel continue to initiate the
installation of such technologies without consultation with the parents,
the teaching staff or of current research. The only inroads (that I am
apprised of) that have received recent media attention in Canada is the
*Green Party’s* recommendations in accordance with the precautionary
principle about cell phones and wireless technologies in response to the
concerns raised in the EU.]




* <http://bl104w.blu104.mail.live.com/mail/EditMessageLight.aspx?Action=Reply&AllowUnsafe=True&ReadMessageId=09d59f9d-aac0-4254-b8eb-49a0b63d6a09&FolderID=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001&n=1674840246>

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 15:39:54 +0800
From: doyon...@gmail.com
To: jan...@msn.com
Subject: Re: Melatonin for insomniacs

Hi, I would also like to add that PWC (People With Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome) - along with those with autism, Alzheimer's, ADHD, ADD,
and so on - also suffer from low melatonin levels and that insomnia
is one of the major symptoms of this condition. As a matter of fact,
in 2006 over 40 million Americans were on sleep medication for
insomnia (up 60% from 2000) - which is about one in six or seven

If anyone has read my paper on CFS and microwaves, they will see
that I connect just about every symptom and abnormality found in CFS
with the research out their showing the adverse effects of exposure
to EMR (low frequency and high frequency).

However, it is not just melatonin, but just about every
hormone/neurotransmitter (serotonin, HGH, norepinephrine,
acetylcholine etc.) in the body that have been shown in research to
be affected by exposures to microwaves and other forms of EMR.

For anyone interested, two other products I have found to be
extremely helpful with sleep disturbances have been 5-HTP (a
precurser to serotonin) and Human Growth Hormone Secretagogue
offered by ProHealth of Immunesupport.com
<http://immunesupport.com/>. (However, nothing beats sleeping in a
low emr-environment.)



While this is an excellent company, the main problem I have with
them is that they refuse to mention anything about EMR as being a
possible cause in this process and the research published by all
these so-called "experts" of CFS barking up all their respective
trees just seems to be leading people down the wrong paths regarding
the main cause of these disease processes. But having said that,
they are all doing important research which - when all the pieces of
the puzzle are laid out in front of us - further backs up the
evidence that EMR is indeed the main culprit here.


*Q:* /Do you think there is a link between *sleep* and CFS, FM, and
other illnesses? /

*Dr. Pall:* Yes. The question is, what is the mechanism? I think it
may involve peroxynitrite oxidation of a compound called
/tetrahydrobiopterin/. Tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency has an
important role in the production of serotonin and /melatonin/, both
of which help control sleep.


You know, I would like to see some of the renowned EMR
researchers/scientists/doctors out there co-write an article for
this organization showing very clearly how EMR is indeed causing a
host of these problems found in conditions like CFS, Autism,
Alzheimer's, ADHD, Gulf War Syndrome and so on. It would be nice to
see someone barking up the right tree for a change - and hence not
leading everyone down the wrong path. :)


Paul Doyon


On 10/28/07, *Janice Burns* <jan...@msn.com <mailto:jan...@msn.com>>

Hi, sleeping with a cell under your pillow IS disasterous. A
friend of mine who is a nurse, when she was 'on call' would
sleep with her cell under her pillow set to vibrate so as not to
disturb her husband. She developed brain cancer in the frontal
lobe, which luckily was successfully operated on. Both she and
her husband were upset with me for even suggesting that this
could possibly be the cause, but she informs me that she no
longer sleeps with her cell under her pillow. ON ONE should
sleep with a cell phone under his/her pillow. Janice

From: alas...@powerwatch.org.uk
To: jan...@msn.com <mailto:jan...@msn.com>;
<mailto:oerjan....@swipnet.se>; a...@alerte.ch
Subject: RE: Melatonin for insomniacs
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:13:05 +0100

As important as no light at night (or only very dim red
light, if essential), is nice bright light in the morning. A
half-hour walk (or even 15 mins) in real daylight at the
start of each day is also an important circadian
rhythm-setter for people. Some people who suffer from SAD
need a longer early daylight walk or, not really as good, a
session each morning in front of a light box.

I suspect that melatonin, on its own, will not work or will
not continue to work for sleep quality after several weeks.
I do, however, recommend that everyone over about 30 years
of age takes at least 1mg each night about 30 minutes before
bedtime as it is an excellent free radical scavenger and can
protect against initial stages of cancer starting as well as
the sleep effects.

There are lots of adverse reports about the long-term
effects of taking hGH, even if early effects can apparently
be brilliant. I would advise to be wary of this. A good
lifestyle, plenty of exercise in daylight, plenty of fresh
fruit and vegetables and a good daily rhythm is better in
the long-term. Sunshine is good, but just good daylight even
on a cloudy day is also excellent.

I also agree with Joanne's comments about checking and
minimising power-frequency and radio-frequemcy EMFs,
especially in the bedroom. You need to measure these to
check this out. However, as Joanne says, you can make sure
you have no electrical gear close to your bed and no
cordless phone or mobile phone on standby. Mobile phones on
standby silently contact their local basestation (to
maintain contact and say they are still there) several times
each hour ON FULL POWER and one on a bedside table would be
likely to almost completely stop melatonin synthesis in the
pineal. Some youngsters now sleep with their mobile on
standby under their pillow. I see that as disasterous.

(www.powerwatch.org.uk <http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/>)

*From:* Janice Burns [mailto:jan...@msn.com
*Sent:* 27 October 2007 03:28
*To:* Örjan Hallberg; a...@alerte.ch <mailto:a...@alerte.ch>
*Subject:* RE: Melatonin for insomniacs

Hi, I believe that hGH (human growth hormone) is secreted by
the pituitary gland and melatonin (and serotonin - the 'feel
good hormone') by the pineal gland. I think that the
increased stature of children/people in the later part of
the 20th century is primarily because of enhanced nutrition
due to increased personal/family wealth and availability to
food/vitamins/health care. In any event, reduced melatonin
levels whether induced by too much light in your bedroom at
night or from naturally declining levels as we age, either
can make us grumpy/less energetic from lack of sleep, or
apparently for women, make us more susceptible to breast
cancer. A great site I just happened upon with info. about
the pineal gland, stimulating it with natural sunshine is:

In any event, increased levels of melatonin whether brought
about through suppliments or sensible exposure to sunshine
is supposed to be good for us as an immune booter, a
powerful antioxidant, cancer figher heart helper, mood
elevator and a natural sleeping agent. I have a bottle
sitting on my bedside table that I just bought. I'll try it
out tonight and let you know how I sleep. In our
'24/7-indoor-artifically-lit' world I need to get my body
back on track. Cheers, Janice

> From: oerjan....@swipnet.se
> To: a...@alerte.ch <mailto:a...@alerte.ch>
> Subject: Re: Melatonin for insomniacs
> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 12:52:28 +0200
> Hi, since the pineal gland is producing both melatonin and
growth hormone
> one might speculate that a disturbed, reduced production
of melatonin due to
> radiation or too illuminated bedrooms instead will cause
the pineal gland to
> produce more of growth hormone. It has to produce
something anyway...
> This might explain the unnatural growth of people born
during the seconf
> half of the 20:th century. But just a speculation.
> Best regards, Örjan
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> > Dear All,
> >
> > Melatonin even good for the insomniac elderly !
> > See :
> >
> >
> >
> > Yours
> > Philippe Hug
> > www.alerte.ch <http://www.alerte.ch/>
> > Switzerland
> >


Paul Raymond Doyon
MAT (TESOL), MA Advanced Japanese Studies, BA Psychology
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do


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