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Aug 19, 2008, 11:57:20 PM8/19/08
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Following their radio story on cell phone masts, two very well written
letters have been sent to the CBC Radio program 'Sounds Like Canada' by
Ian Armel and Rhonda Pomerantz-Kula of the PACT group of Richmond Hill,
Ontario. PACT is fighting to stop two very large cell phone masts being
erected next to a large residential area and a daycare facility. The
writers deserve our thanks for composing such thoughtful messages. If
you wish to contact 'Sounds Like Canada' the e-mail address is
soundsli...@cbc.ca <mailto:soundsli...@cbc.ca> . I have also
written to SLC and my message is attached. Mast-victims.org have kindly
archived the show and that link is also attached. Mast-victims also have
a wealth of other great shows and interviews about the dangers or
electro magnetic radiation at the same Internet link.*

--- On Thu 01/17, Rhonda Pomerantz-Kula:

*From: *Rhonda Pomerantz-Kula
*Date: *Thu, 17 Jan 2008 08:25:12 -0500
*Subject: *[PACT of Richmond Hill] Cell Tower Segment- My Follow up
to CBC

*Hi All . This is what I wrote in to respond to theirprogram which
was disappointing. I encourage everyone to write in so theycan get
the sense that this issue is of high importance to Canadians. I went
to Sounds Like Canada CBC site, and they have an email form to

* *




I am involved in twin towers to be erected in myneighborhood of
Richmond Hill in close proximity to residents and adaycare center.
In the past few months I have been doing a fair bit ofresearch on
this topic.

Mr Goldberg?s comments are misleading if he thinksresidents ought to
be concerned with asthetics and not health issues.

There are recent long- term studies of medical recordsfor residents
living within a 350-400 metre radius of cell towers in Germany(Eger
2004) and Israel(Wolf 2004), both consistently concluding
asignificant cancer increase risk for those living within that
range. There are studies out of France (Santini 2001) and Egypt (
Abdel-Rassoul 2006) ,Spain (Oberfeld 2004)surveying similar radius
of cell towers finding symptomsof unwellnessness within the range,
including headaches, sleeplessness, memoryloss, moodiness
disorientation, acute electrical sensitivities and more. In August
2007 the Eu Environmental Agency contributed to a global
reportcalled the Bioinitaitve Report, a collaborative effort by a
handful of worldexperts from reputable places, reviewing over two
thousand scientificstudies on microwave radiation and its harm to
cell tissue. The conclusion isthat there is strongly suggestive
evidence of danger and that a precautionaryapproach is warranted in
siting these towers. Our Safety Code 6 limit of1000 microwatts per
cm squared is 10,000 times more lax than the mandated limitin
Salzberg Austria ( .1 microwatts per cm squared ) and that same
limit of .1is recommended as a minimum precautionary limit for now,
in the recentBioinitiative Report. Safety Code 6 was written in
1999, before theproliferation of this technology, it was intended
for short -term exposure andcontemplating danger from the heating
effects. The epidemiologicalstudies indicate that the dangerous
health effects result from the oscillationsof the frequencies and
the information conveyed, not the thermal effects.Therefore Canada?s
Safety Code 6 is not relevant to the reality of thehealth impact and
needs to be revisited.

What you have then is telcom funded science saying there isno
evidence and independent scientists that are warning of signs
ofdangers. These scientists have been trying to warn governments for
yearsCatalina convention ( 2002) and the Benevento Resolution (
2006) of andeven more recently, with the Bioiniative Report( 2007).
Doctorshave also tried to warn governments ( Helsinki appeal 2005) ,
Freiburger appeal( 2002).

Many countries took their research conclusions from the WHO,the head
of which was Michael Repacholi who came from and returned to Telecom
industry after his post with the WHO and who openly admits that WHO
studies have been fundedby Telecom.

I encourage you to do further programming on this topic that is
extremely important to the welfare of all Canadians.

Rhonda Pomerantz-Kula

PACT Precautionary Approachto Cellular Transmissions

Email : pactOfRic...@googlegroups.com


Betreff: Cell phone masts

Von: Martin Weatherall

Datum: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 21:56:05 -0500

An: soundsli...@cbc.ca <mailto:soundsli...@cbc.ca>

Dear Sounds Like Canada

Thank you for airing your report on cell phone masts, earlier today.
I am sure that many of your listeners will finally realize that
their mystery ailments are actually being caused or affected by
electro magnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phone antennas and
wireless devices in their own homes.

With today's program, you have only just scratched the surface about
the health dangers of EMR. There is scientific research which links
many different cancers and various illnesses to exposure of EMR.
Birds, bees, butterflies, frogs, animals and even insects are being
harmed or killed by electro magnetic radiation. Our entire
environment has been changed and now we are all in great danger.

Perhaps the biggest story about EMR is why the Canadian Government
is ignoring masses of scientific research which shows that microwave
broadcasting technology is extremely dangerous and is causing severe
harm to the health of our citizens. Why are a few civil servants in
the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry, able to put the
lives of all Canadians at risk, with unsafe technologies?

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall

Director WEEP - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution.
Tel 519 462 3088.

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