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Mar 18, 2009, 6:03:24 AM3/18/09
to Mobile Genetic Elements
Dear all,
I'm a biotechnology student. I'm doing my theses right now about
integron and I having some trouble with my research. I hope that some
could help me with some question that I willing to ask.
I have some question about integron, so here it goes:
1. How many class of integron that have been discovered until now?
2. is there anyone that don't mind to give some article/journal that
contain of good primer for amplification class 4 integron and its gene
cassette? it would be very grateful...
3. I need this journal , but I can't download it because the article
isn't free. Are there anyone that can give me this journal?

Doval Edouard

Aug 4, 2009, 11:54:35 AM8/4/09
Dear perpie,

I am very sorry for the delay of the answer. I hope an aswer is still useful for you:

1- Hundreds of classes have been identified so far. Actually, only 5 (number 1 to 5) stand for mobile integrons involved in the dissemination of antibiotic resistance, the others being SI of a wide range of species. Some recent papers reported discoveries of new integron classes through the IntI specific detection

2- What do you mean by class 4 integron ? It is ambigous because the chromosomal VchSI has long been called class 4. The true class 4 is the one most often referred as class 9 (intI9) you could found at the access number  AY035340 and discussed in the corresponding paper. I think you should design primers in the attI site, as it is highly specific of an integron class

3- I can send you the paper by mail. 

With regards.

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