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William A. Carrel

Jan 17, 2007, 3:11:15 AM1/17/07
I've updated the script I wrote for day 5 into a new
(more cleverly named) that makes permission changes
(and BOM file changes to make sure "repair permissions" doesn't make a
machine vulnerable again). It's at (Tack ".asc" at the end of
that URL for a detached PGP/GPG signature.)

#5: The BOM files permissions are fixed up and /Library/Receipts (and
important descendants) get a sticky bit to prevent shenanigans.

#8: /Library/Frameworks gets a sticky bit to prevent Mallory from
replacing pieces executed as root inside Application

#15: The three suid programs in /Apps/Utilities mentioned in the
advisory are changed to not be admin-writable. This is also done to
/Applications/System which has similar

I found a couple other privilege escalation problems while working on
these. I've attempted vendor notification in both cases. One claims
the problem doesn't exist, the other has not responded yet...


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