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Jan 14, 2007, 11:52:58 PM1/14/07
to MOAB Fixes
That seems kind of childish. Are you really that scared of people
being able to prove that your assertions are wrong that you'd go as
far attempting to block them from reading the postings on the site so
they can prove their wrong/misleading?

Ack, at 1/15/07, st...@info-pull.com said:

>Don't think so:
>target prot opt source destination
>DROP all -- ajhoughton.plus.com anywhere
>It seems you take every opportunity to spread FUD and/or being a total
>liar about us, among making use of the common fallacies we've already
>seen. This time it was just more absurd than usual. Be careful about
>making such accusations. And you're the only one at that connection, so
>far. You're protecting nobody, literally.


Rosyna Keller
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