Syncing the log files directly between the iPhone and Mnemosyne

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Oct 21, 2010, 4:55:20 AM10/21/10
to mnemosyne-proj-users

I have been trying to figure out a way to synchronize the log files
between the iPhone and Mnemosyne through iSRS Sync.

It is possible with a lot of clicks.

-Work on your cards on your Mac
-Export them
-Import them in iSRS sync
-Sync them to iPhone's iSRS

-Work on your card on your iPhone
-Sync with iSRS sync
-Delete all the cards in the deck (no duplicates)
-Import the new database freshly out of the iPhone

That's a lot of work. If I work on my cards in the subway every day
and want to work on it when I come home, do I have to go through this
tedious process daily or is there an easier way to keep the statistics
synced with just a few clicks?

Thank you!

Peter Bienstman

Oct 21, 2010, 6:39:25 AM10/21/10
to mnemosyne-proj-users
Note that iSRS is not supported here, it's a program that is not
related to the Mnemosyne project.

For Mnemosyne 2.x, Ullrich is working on an official Mnemosyne iPhone
client which will have very easy syncing.


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