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Andrea Molnárné László

Jul 14, 2021, 1:18:42 AMJul 14
Dear Dale,

We wished to make a "plant guide" with MI for kids. We wanted to take photos of different plants in a forest with the programe in order to make it easier, so to avoid the inconvenience of taking photos, upload them somewhere,  then drag and drop to the MIforkids site. 
We had a portable router, so we didn't have a lack of wifi. 
But we couldn't carry out this project, because it turned out that only a camera works which is unable to take photos.
Can you propose any solution for this project in the future? Can we take any photos with the MIforkids programe? 
Thanks in advance, Andrea

Dale Lane

Jul 14, 2021, 2:25:45 PMJul 14
to Machine Learning for Kids

Sorry about this. 

The reason for me pushing the approach of uploading photos somewhere else, and then (by dragging-and-dropping) giving me the URL, is because it keeps my running costs for the site down. 

Storing a small bit of text (the web address for the image) is *so* much cheaper for me than storing the bytes for a photo. 
It's orders of magnitude cheaper. 

In the interest of keeping the site free, without charges or adverts, I have made a few compromises like this - even though I know it'd be nicer/easier for you if I just let you upload images. 

Sorry for the inconvenience this causes. 

If it's a blocker for you, you may prefer to use Teachable Machine to train the model, which you can then use Machine Learning for Kids to open in Scratch

Please see to open TM models in Scratch
or for some background

Kind regards

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