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Subject: Argonne Program on Extreme-Scale Computing
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 17:29:41 +0000
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Hi all,


Applications are open for this year’s ATPESC program, which will be held July 31 to August 12. https://extremecomputingtraining.anl.gov


The program is open internationally to faculty, postdocs, and graduate students—as well as scientists and engineers in government and industry. The target audience is people who have a strong HPC background and are using computing resources at scale for high-impact applications. Anyone working on weather/climate/ocean/environmental modelling usually falls in this category. For example, the past two years some of the top applicants have come from Veronique’s organization and have gained a lot from the program.


Programs from past years can be found on the website and topics covered are relevant to many of the points raised in the concept notes.



Recently the event has been entirely virtual, however, normally it is held in the Chicago area and DOE covers travel, food, and lodging for attendees.


Instructions on how to apply can be found at the link below. The deadline is March 1st.



Feel free to forward this to anyone in your organization that might be interested. If someone in your organization is thinking of applying, I am happy to offer some pointers or answer any questions they might have.






Kris Rowe

Assistant Computational Scientist


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