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Christopher Currin

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This may be of interest to many of you

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Subject: [Indabaš¯•¸] Playing StarCraft and saving the world using multi-agent reinforcement learning!
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Indabaš¯•¸ 2021 Roadshow

InstaDeep AI company

Playing StarCraft and saving the world using multi-agent reinforcement learning!

"This is my C-14 Impaler gauss rifle! There are many like it, but this one is mine!"
A terran marine

If you have never heard of a terran marine before, then you have probably missed out on playing the very engaging and entertaining strategy computer game, StarCraft. However, donā€™t despair, because what we have in store might be even more exciting! In this interactive session, we will take you through, step-by-step, on how to train a team of terran marines to defeat a team of marines controlled by the built-in game AI in StarCraft II. How will we achieve this? Using multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL).

MARL is a useful framework for building distributed intelligent systems. In MARL, multiple agents are trained to act as individual decision-makers of some larger system, while learning to work as a team. We will show you how to use Mava (
https://github.com/instadeepai/Mava), a newly released research framework for MARL to build a multi-agent learning system for StarCraft II. We will provide the necessary guidance, tools and background to understand the key concepts behind MARL, how to use Mava building blocks to build systems and how to train a system from scratch.

We will conclude the session by briefly sharing various exciting real-world application areas for MARL at InstaDeep, such as large-scale autonomous train navigation and circuit board routing. These are problems that become exponentially more difficult to solve as they scale. Finally, we will argue that many of humanityā€™s most important practical problems are reminiscent of the ones just described. These include, for example, the need for sustainable management of distributed resources under the pressures of climate change, or efficient inventory control and supply routing in critical distribution networks, or robotic teams for rescue missions and exploration. We believe MARL has enormous potential to be applied in these areas and we hope to inspire you to get excited and interested in MARL and perhaps one day contribute to the field!"

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29nd Oct 14:00 - 16:00 SAST

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We have R20 000 for the hackathon and 4 x R10 000 prizes for coding, research, engagement, and passion for a total of R60 000 that needs to be won!

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Of special note is

InstaDeep's Extraordinary Engagement | R10k

Which rewards those who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts in strengthening and growing the South African machine learning community.

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