Postdoc position in AI at Zhejiang University

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Ke Liu

Sep 23, 2021, 11:15:34 PMSep 23
to Machine Learning News
【About the Team】
The team has more than 20 PIs, published 12 CNS articles and 38 sub-journals, and has been approved as a provincial excellent postdoctoral research station, which will build a strong platform for research collaboration and provide a superior living and working conditions.

【Research Interests】
Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence theory, AI + life sciences + physics (biological and molecular smart manufacturing, protein design, prediction of physical properties of new materials and inverse design)
1. Participate in intersection research related to artificial intelligence and synthetic biology and big matter
2. Write project proposals, papers, patents, etc.

1. Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, computer science, theoretical physics, mathematics, biomedical science, statistics and other related fields
2. Excellent foundation in mathematics and physics
3. Strong coding skills, proficiency in deep learning frameworks such as Pytorch and Tensorflow, experience in designing and coding your own neural network implementation
4. Proficient in the theory of basic neural networks and machine learning algorithms, familiar with current trendy technologies
5. Proactive thinkers, with frequent original ideas and the motivation to innovation
6. Hard-working, dedicated, with a strong sense of responsibility and execution, well organized and team-oriented, self-otivated, result-oriented, and physically fit
7. Outstanding ability in analysing and solving problem
8. Candidates with publications in top international journals or conferences in machine learning, theoretical physics, mathematics, etc. are preferred
9. Candidates with advanced understanding of systems theory, information theory, cybernetics, dissipative structure theory, synergetics, and mutation theory are preferred
10. Candidates with research background in Modern Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Theory, such as Quantum Field Theory, Condensed Matter Theory, Topological Phases Transitions, First-principles, Superstring Theory, Quantum Gravity, Differential Geometry, Nonlinear Dynamics, Dissipative structures, etc are preferred.
11. Good English writing and presentation skills

Excellent remuneration package, negotiable

Your information will be used properly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

You can apply by filling out the questionnaire or sending your resume to
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