new RC becomes less usable ?

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Jul 28, 2012, 2:38:46 PM7/28/12

Hi Alex,

I made my own build (550D) from the sources and have observed strange usability drawbacks since the Xmas edition. These lack of functionality still keeps me to stay on december version, regardless of bunch of new great features..

1. Quick brightness control form IR sensor.
It has been disabled for playback and photo (non-LV mode), and even being available in LV mode becomes less usable because of increased activation delay.
I hope you'll revert this functionality which gives very handful quick access to the screen brightness control, so needed in difficult illuminated environment.

2. Custom ISO values settings
It has been placed at the second position in menu (it was on the top). It pushes you to make one extra press on arrow after the shortcut: ISO + Q
And a minor one, but visually very friendly: different colors for "native" ISO values are also gone..

3. New navigation bug in playback mode.
Steps to reproduce:
a. Set: Prefs->Image review settings->Quick zoom->"Single press 100%"
b. switch to the preview mode
c. click "+" and then quickly press "-" and hold. The zoom out will be cancelled.
d. repeat a.b. then click "+" and then quickly press one of a navigation arrow and hold. The action will stop.

If you consider this features worthless, please give me some tips for configuring the code by myself.

And again, thank you so much for your great work !


Jul 29, 2012, 6:04:01 AM7/29/12
The shortcuts were reworked to work on all supported cameras - that
means, use one button to toggle them, and make them configurable.
Sure, there is room for improvement.

ISO is more related to shutter and aperture than to white balance - so
I think it's more logical to arrange them like this. Both WB and ISO
are important items, so both of them should be accessible.

Color coding was changed, see the user guide and release notes. ML ISO
160 is better than Canon ISO 160, so the first one is highlighted as

Will check the playback issues - never thought to press Zoom Out right
away after Zoom In. Consider disabling the 100% zoom and using the
fast zoom only.

Hopefully these pages will help for getting starting with the code:
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Jul 29, 2012, 10:44:34 AM7/29/12
Thanks Alex,

Hope that during shortcuts reworking, if it's possible, the native controls of each camera model will be taken in consideration as well.

I'll revise the manual regarding ISO settings, seems that I've missed something important...

Thanks for the dev tips, I've already rearranged menu for my needs :)

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