Cleanup patches part II

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Tobias Doerffel

Nov 9, 2011, 5:34:47 AM11/9/11

as promised, here's a second series of cleanup patches for ML:

* 0001-fix-uint8-casts.diff: the bmp structure pointer has to be
casted to uint8_t first before adding image size as otherwise not
bytes but multiples of the structure size are being added

* 0002-fix-function-signatures-and-pointer-casts.diff: the
INIT_FUNC()-macros wants functions with a void pointer as parameter,
therefore introduce an unused void pointer for some init functions

* 0003-improve-af-pattern-initialization-and-eol-detection.diff: the
compiler complained about missing initializers for the _eol_ member of
the type_PATTERN_MAP_ITEM structure. Therefore changed things such
that a special AF pattern is used as EOL indicator and the _eol_
member can be removed.

* 0004-misc-cleanups.diff: minor small cleanups / warning fixes

* 0005-fix-implicit-function-declarations-and-introduce-bool-values_PART1.diff:
started to add proper function declarations to header files and
changed data type for truth values from int to bool. Just an initial
work, has to be continued.

Best regards




Nov 9, 2011, 6:07:46 AM11/9/11
Thanks again!

0001 results in incomplete cropmarks, not sure why. Maybe Sztupy can take a look at this.

0004 was marked as minor, but solved a major issue (772). All property handlers should end like this:

    // do something to handle this event
    return prop_cleanup( token, property );

and there was one which didn't cleanup properly.

I'll pass 0003 to 400plus developers (that's where AF patterns was ported from). They write much cleaner code than me, so I'm sure they will like it.

Can you include zebra.h in 0005-part2?


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Nov 10, 2011, 6:50:18 PM11/10/11
Hey Alex just wonderig but not important. When i m in play mode and i have a the camera attached to an hd tv and i wnat to see, the let's say the 2:35 cropmarks They are not visible on the far right and left side. So they are there but they are too short to fill the tv monitor lenght. Is there any way to view them for the all length of the tv? They seems right in terms of the cut from bottom and top but they dont fill the entire screen orizzontally. Thanks
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