LiveView too dark with manual lenses in photo mode?

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Aug 29, 2011, 7:24:09 AM8/29/11
to Magic Lantern firmware development
This is a bug on 60D and 550D, not related to Magic Lantern. If you
use a Canon lens, and then you attach a manual lens, LiveView image
may be underexposed in Manual mode.

To reproduce:
1) Go to Manual mode and disble Auto ISO
2) Attach the kit lens and set it at F/22, for example
3) Detach the kit lens and attach a manual lens (or leave the camera
without lens)
4) Take a picture, and compare its exposure with what you saw on the LCD.

Compilation of possible workarounds (I've just found the one for 60D,
others were known):

Workaround for all lenses, all cameras
* Take pictures in Movie mode
* Use Auto ISO

Workaround for unchipped lenses (60D):
* After using a Canon lens, take the battery out before (or after)
attaching a manual lens.

Workaround for unchipped lenses (550D):
* Detach the Canon lens while camera is on.

Workaround for chipped manual lenses (60D, 550D)
* Simply try to change the aperture back and forth (it won't change,
but the brightness in LiveView will come back to normal)

More info:

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