Will Mitt have the guts to oppose biofuels? Turning food into fuel is insane and criminal.

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Aug 12, 2012, 11:25:07 PM8/12/12
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In the years before biofuel production began, food was cheap and few Americans needed food stamps. We had giant stockpiles of grain so vast that even during years of droughts and floods the American people were always protected because the government could simply release the surplus to feed our farm animals and keep supermarkets full of affordable grain based products.

The biofuel hoax has taken America from a land of plenty to a land of food shortages and constantly rising food prices. Fertilizer, farmland, and all the ingredients necessary to produce food use to be affordable, but biofuel production has raised all the costs of food production across the board. Our politicians were warned by responsible scientists and economists that biofuel farming would kill millions of poor people around the world through malnutrition while providing so little true net energy gain that the entire effort would be overwhelmingly counterproductive. They did not care because they wanted the farm vote and support from ethanol manufacturers.

Biofuel farming increases rather than decreases greenhouse gas release, increases chemical pollution, and is accelerating erosion of our finite supplies of irreplaceable topsoil. Our political establishment does not understand this or anything scientific. They only know how to give speeches, raise campaign funds, and make provably false statements and promises.

Democracy has failed us because the television news media and voters have not educated themselves about the basics of energy production.

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