how do i print out the picture of my app?

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Apr 13, 2014, 2:52:41 PM4/13/14
Help me please print out screen shots?


Apr 13, 2014, 3:31:05 PM4/13/14
On Windows  Ctr + PrtScn  keyboard keys pressed at same time copies an image of the screen to the Windows Clipboard.  Open Paint and save the image by putting the 
contents of the clipboard into Paint. Save the image to your desktop or another folder as a png or jpg file.  On Win 7 and above you can use the Snipping tool (in Accessories).

On a Mac,  command-shift-3 (whole-screen) or command-shift-4 (drag a rectangle) to take a screenshot. The image file will appear on your desktop. 

To post an image to the forum:  Once you copy an image and named it something like capturedimage.png;  find the blue Insert Image control in the 
forum text area (the icon is next to the Link) and press the icon.  A small screen opens..drg the capturedimage.png to the new screen; wait a few seconds while 
Google's forum loads the image to the text area.  Now the image is in the text box.

You can use this techinque for capturing your blocks or to capture an image of your app running on the emulator.   Also, if you want a picture of your app screen from your device,
your phone possibly has a combination of pressing two buttons to capture a screen image.  That will save an image to your phone.   Now you need to get the image to 
your PC possibly.  Probably can do this with a USB connection of phone to PC and then use the PC to find the phone.   Your PC will list your phone like an external USB or hard drive.   You find that, and then find the folder your phone used to capture an image.

Is this what you wanted to know?

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