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Mar 5, 2014, 8:48:11 PM3/5/14
to mitappinv...@googlegroups.com
Date Submitted: Wed Mar 05 2014 20:28:33 GMT-0500 (EST)
Email: jgnoblecol...@gmail.com

Service: MIT App Inventor (App Inventor 2)

Operating System: Windows 7

Browser: Chrome 33.0.1750.146 m

Device: Polaroid Tablet

Connection: WiFi (Companion)

When I try to build the project to download it onto my device I receive an
error message saying Server error: could not save one or more files. Please
try again later! This is the first app that I have built and need to have
it done by Monday 3/10/2014 in order to send it to other students on the
robotics team.



Mar 5, 2014, 8:59:23 PM3/5/14
How big is the AIA file for your app?  If it's near 5MB you're at the limit for an AI2 project at the moment.

If you don't know how to export your aia file, here are the instructions:
  1. Click on the My Projects link at the top of the UI.
  2. When the list of projects shows up, put a checkmark by the project you want to export.
  3. Then click on the Project link (notice that they're similarly named but not the same)
  4. Choose Export selected project (.aia) to my computer...
That's it.  The file will be saved where all of your other downloads are saved, and it will have the format YourProjectName.aia!

If it IS big, you have graphics or sound or other files loaded as assets that are pushing the app over the limit. If you delete those, it'll lower the size.

Of course, your problem may be something else but check that first.


Mar 11, 2014, 1:08:53 AM3/11/14
to mitappinv...@googlegroups.com
No reply so I'm closing this issue...

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