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May 13, 2019, 5:28:41 AM5/13/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum

At first my mother language isn't English.
But our country has not lively community for App inventor. so i'm going to struggle for explaining my problem. sorry for my explaining sucks
i just learned programming before about 10years ago (Visual basic , C)
so i have really really basic knowledge : what is the variable,some functions,can understand flow chart... thats it
I'm trying to make a app for my personal project (just curious)

it worked (80%)  but suddenly it doesn't work anymore (maybe i made a mistakes something)
i'm feeling very gloomy . seriously.

i remember when i was young , there was toggle breakpoint (F5 maybe).
so i could to find where is the problem.

but i can't find toggle breakpoint in this app inventor

This is first(home) screen and blocks

1 - D - home screen.PNG 1 - B - home screen.PNG

if i try to click on NOX Player 6.2.832

error msg with stopped.

but it slowly works on aistarter


This is next screen and blocks.

2 - D.PNG  2 - d - 2.PNG

[left -> right] [ up -> down ] 

2 - B - 1.PNG2 - B - 2.PNG 

confirm button is OK2 - B - 3.PNG

Question 1.

Why procedure doesn't works? (price)

Question 2.

I want to do like this .


IF sentence is too dificult .

if slide on -> global slide = 1

if slide off -> global slide = 0


if global slide == 1

show sentence 

if not nothing.


3 - D.PNG

this is settle screen

i made this for checking it works.

3 - B.PNG

actually i used "/saved data" insted saved data


question 3.

What the....


please save me

please save me..

thanks for read this i hope you guys having a good day.

thank you


May 13, 2019, 6:08:47 AM5/13/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum
"saved data" is not a good filename. Change it to  "savedData" or saved_data" and try again.
If your error persists, attach an .aia for us to look at.
Cheers, Ghica


May 13, 2019, 6:16:49 AM5/13/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum
I changed it but same thing T.T
so i attached .aia

Chris Ward

May 13, 2019, 6:29:51 AM5/13/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum

The description of error codes can be found on my website:

If you need to give the User of your App a better error message, or find a way to handle an error as elegantly as possible, you can use the Screen error block. Code snippet here:


May 13, 2019, 7:15:40 AM5/13/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum

blocks (6).png

This is not how it works.
After starting to read a file, you have to use: when File1.GotText. The code will become this:

blocks (7).png

Then, in your screen_cash, you have a procedure called "procedure". This is a really bad name. Change it to something that says what you want to do with the procedure. And, you never seem to call this procedure, so, when is it supposed to be executed?
Cheers, Ghica.


May 13, 2019, 11:01:50 PM5/13/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum
Thanks for reply . really i appreciate you. i mistook that procedure
All function works!!!!!

but there is a problem.

if i try to run this app via connect , there is no problem.
but when i build this app, i can't run because stopped

maybe it had table arrangement's bug


THANK YOU A LOT . How can i say......... really really thank you Ghica


May 14, 2019, 7:40:06 AM5/14/19
to MIT App Inventor Forum
If your app still stops after building, then attach your newest .aia here, maybe someone can find the cause.
Cheers, Ghica.
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