WebViewer with Sound and Video.

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Juan Antonio

Mar 5, 2017, 3:23:37 PM3/5/17
to mitappinv...@googlegroups.com
Hi friends,
WebViewer works with sound but not video.

In an early post Boban Stojmenovic wrote: 

"To be able to play Youtube videos in the webview you have to edit Manifest and add android:targetSdkVersion=14" or higher."

Let's try with video...

1.- We Build a simple app with a Button and WebViewer. Upload to app a HMTL file: reproductor.htm, in this file is video address:

2.- In Block WebViewer.GoToUrl: file:///android_asset/reproductor.htm

3.- Build / App (save .apk to my computer)

4.- With AppToMarket_v41.zip (Developed by M. Hossein Amerkashi) we will modify AndroidManifest.xml file in .apk

5.- AppToMarker, button 3> Edit Manifest, insert this line:

<uses-sdk android:targetSdkVersion="14" />

6.- Then click  buttons 3> Create New .apk, 4> Sing, 5> Verity and 6> Zip Align, we get  p127H_visorweb_video_new_zipAlign.apk file

- You can install  apk file by this QR


Tim Carter

Mar 6, 2017, 3:01:25 PM3/6/17
to MIT App Inventor Forum
If you are not using Windows (OK I mean if you are using Linux)

then APKTool is your weapon of choice, a little more complicated but it works :)
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