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May 6, 2019, 5:48:51 AM5/6/19
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Hi, I'm Italian and I'm new in App Inventor.

Sorry in advance for my almoste sure error in translation.

I need to let App inventor talk with my Usb-c -RS232 cable. I use "Serial Usb Terminal" apk to connect my device (Phone/Tablet) to other device who talk only in serial mode by using a RS232 port. Olso, sometimes, I connect to a Cisco control port using the same apk. I usually work on the street and it's not always easy to use Pc in all condition, so I decided to try to make an app to connect my Phone/Tablet to the device easily and fast. I try to use the example for Arduino Serial comunication but it doesn't work. The problem it seems that my usb cable is not recognized by App Inventor.

Any Idea or suggestion?

Since I was new I really appreciate if someone has patiance to explain me how to do that.

Thank you all and i hope to have same solution.


May 6, 2019, 7:23:10 AM5/6/19
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