How to post images or aia files to this Forum

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Jan 14, 2018, 7:09:53 PM1/14/18
How to post images or aia files to this Forum and how to get advice.

Get Advice from Forum Members

Just post in the Forum.  Provide sufficient information to explain your issue (see below).  This means tell what is not working as expected and explain thoroughly what you want to do; then post an image of the blocks you tried or post an aia file (see below to learn how to do this).  Keep in mind, only you have your code.  We cannot see it unless you share helpful images with us in the Forum so we can see what you did and help with the problem/.

What to tell us about your problem

As App Inventor 2 becomes more complex because it has more features, it is important to include the following information in your questions for advice:

* If this involves the GooglePlay Build, does the same issue occur using the Legacy build?
* Are you using Fixed or Responsive screen sizing.
* What Android version are you testing with your cell phone or tablet? In some cases, things may work on older Android distributions but fail on more recent distributions.
* What Theme are you using?  If you are using 'Classic' Theme, what happens when you use the Device Default theme?  Classic Theme may do strange things when compiled with the GooglePlay build option.

Remember, the GooglePlay build option is still experimental.  This means if something is broke, the developers NEED an example to test.  An aia posted in the Forum helps them understand the issue.


 Please do not email any of the respondents unless they specifically request you do so.  Instead, continue the discussion here in the forum so all may learn from your experience.  Many users will not respond to direct emails but will within the Forum.  Thanks

the icon circled in blue to continue the discussion.  Please do not use the Reply privately to author option under the red x  Thanks again.

When you fill out your Forum request form you may have checked the red box below.

Checking that box is not an invitation to reply back to a poster.  Checking allows you to  know someone posts to your request without having to return to the Forum.  Please do not 
respond to posters unless they specifically ask you to do so.   Keep the discussion in the Forum.   When you get your eMail, return to the Forum to post your reply.     Thanks.

How to capture an image of your Blocks screen or your emulator

On Windows  

Ctr + PrtScn  keyboard keys pressed at same time copies an image of the screen to the Windows Clipboard.  Open Paint and save the image by putting the contents of the clipboard into Paint. Save the image to your desktop or another folder as a png or jpg file.  

On Win 7 and above you can use the Snipping tool (in Accessories) to capture an image of blocks directly from the screen.  Capture what you need and Save the file as to a folder on your PC. The tool can be used to selectively capture an area of your screen that you select.

On a Mac,  command-shift-3 (whole-screen) or command-shift-4 (drag a rectangle) to take a screenshot. The image file will appear on your desktop. 

Both Windows and Mac users also can capture an image of ALL you blocks from the Blocks screen.   Right click a white area of the Blocks screen; a menu appears; select Download Blocks Image .  This downloads an image of all your blocks to your PC downloads folder.

The example shows a project with only a few blocks.
Capture the Screen from a device.
This procedure varies depending on the device.
Perhaps   press the Power button and the Audio Increase button simultaneously   or  
Press the Home button plus the Power button simultaneously or you can 
Google   Android screen capture  xxxx  , where xxx is the model of your phone or tablet and get Web advice.

Once you capture the image of the screen, the image will most likely be in your Gallery, probably in a folder called ScreenCaptures.  You can eMail the image to your PC,then download the attachment  Once  the screen capture  is on your desktop, you can post it in the forum as indicated below.
Post an image of blocks to the Forum blog.

Use the blue icon above the Forum text field to show a screen you can drag your block image into.  Drag and drop the image and you will see the image in the Forum.

Attach an aia file to the Forum blog

Step 1

Step 2.  Drag the aia file to here

You are done.

Problems posting?  If your aia file has an extension that contains compiled Java code, Google will not permit the aia to be attached.  Make a copy of your Project; remove the extension and attach an aia of the Project without the extension perhaps.



Jan 15, 2018, 9:53:12 AM1/15/18
to MIT App Inventor Forum
Nice overview. Thanks Steve.
@ABG: Maybe something for the FAQ?

Juan Antonio

Jan 15, 2018, 1:17:56 PM1/15/18
About upload .aia file with extension.

- When I need upload an .aia file with extension or an extension file, I send my message only with text and images.
Then I open my message and edit. Now 'attach a file', this my .aia, and send my new edit message.

Example in this post:

p191_temporizador_bucle.aia is a file with extension.

Abraham Getzler

Jan 15, 2018, 4:40:12 PM1/15/18
to MIT App Inventor Forum
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