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Dec 23, 2015, 5:17:27 AM12/23/15
I have tried different things and i have searched the internet but i have not found a way to make an object follow my finger if i am always touching the screen...i dont know how to explain it well but i hope you got the idea...thank you :)


Dec 23, 2015, 8:30:22 AM12/23/15
to MIT App Inventor Forum
What you want to do is is drag an object.   To drag an object, you place an ImageSprite on a Canvas object, then use the Touched or TouchUp or TouchDown event handlers to move.  This article might help 

Alternatively, this tutorial show how to drag objects..that is what you want to do  

Animal Canvas – a children’s educational App Inventor 2 game tutorial .  The tutorial shows how to move many objects, you only need the code to move a single sprite.

Be aware, you cannot drag objects around the screen without the  Canvas.

Merry Christmas,
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