AppInventor: issueAn internal error has ocurred. Report a bug?

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jegue studio

Jan 3, 2020, 7:41:18 PM1/3/20
to MIT App Inventor Forum
An internal error has ocurred. Report a bug?

This bug appear to me when i clicked in some element in block to program. This problem appear to me everytime when i click in some element to see the blocks to program. The my project havent nothing. Is the unique project that i created in AppInventor. I just putted some elements how button,text box and table layout. Just it, nothing more. Somepeople can help me please?

Chris Ward

Jan 3, 2020, 9:26:11 PM1/3/20
to MIT App Inventor Forum

This might be caused by your Internet connection. Make sure App Inventor is the King of the Browser, no other active tabs and also, if working from home/small office, make sure no one else is using-up the connection bandwidth.

Only use the most up to date version of FireFox or Chrome.

For future help please use the new App Inventor Forum:
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