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If only the listview component would tabulate nicely....

That said, one can still present tabulated data in a listview and edit and update the csv /table using native AI2 components
One gets a more vertical approach to tables....

This demo takes a csv file from assets (to begin with) then loads each record to a list view block, by building a text using the \n escape character (practically the only thing a listview will accept!)
The blocks will dynamically add all fields in a record for every record.
The csv file is saved to the sdcard, and is that version then used as long as the tinydb value = DONE

When a user selects a record, they are present with another listview showing only that record
each of the fields can then be edited, using a notifier text dialog, then the entire csv is saved to file with the new information

Size of csv limited only to device memory abilities...

RAW DATA (100 records in csv)






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