A Novel: The Purple Contract

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Feb 15, 2022, 4:44:20 AMFeb 15

All my work, including my novel The Purple Contract
is available from my website: robinflett.com

The Purple Contract synopsis:
A member of the British Royal Family is targeted by a contract killer, a
man with an international reputation. Can he be stopped before the
unthinkable happens? A faceless, nameless man with a telescopic sight,
a £1 million payoff - and his credibility at stake. A killer who has
never failed...

The Independence movement in Scotland has been gaining strength for many
years. Finally, and with great reluctance, the UK parliament agrees to a
referendum. The people of Scotland will at last be able to vote on how
their country should be governed in the future.

Then Buckingham Palace announces that Queen Elizabeth is terminally ill,
and that her son Prince Charles will take the throne - but only on her
death. As almost his first act as established heir, Charles makes it
known that the potential splitting of the United Kingdom - his kingdom -
is simply not acceptable and must not take place.

With the Referendum date fast approaching, the Scottish people are
incensed. Resentment against Charles, and the Monarchy in general sparks
into life - and violence follows.

Charles has become a target, and not just in the political arena...

Robin Flett
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