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P. Barry Jones

Nov 3, 2004, 6:09:05 PM11/3/04
Good day, authors!

Write your LAST query letter!

We are launching a new service with the cooperation of publishers (both major houses and smaller imprints), and literary agents, as well as L.A. and N.Y. based film production companies to change the way writers market their works and ideas to buyers.

There has been a long history of disdain for the process of literary submission on both sides - writers are often frustrated that their query letters and manuscript submissions go unnoticed, or rejected with a form letter. Publishers and film producers receive such an overwhelming amount of material (99% of which is often not what they are looking for), and must employ legions of assistants to field the author inquiries in any reasonably professional manner.

We are answering the call to provide a solution to the ever-widening rift between the creators and the producers:  ZIRDLAND.COM

In early 2005, we will be putting the service online for writer submissions, after coordinating our publisher/producer links.

If you have any suggestions for better writer-publisher relationships, or have some query-related experiences to share, or have any self-publishing advice, we want to hear from you. We want this site to answer the needs of the industry and of the creators.

Please write me for more information. The world of literary property sales is about to change for the better.


P. Barry Jones
Publication specialist

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