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Sandor G

Mar 21, 2001, 12:18:15 AM3/21/01
(I continue my tenure as spokesman for both Marc and mine endeavors)
Ohio Road Trip V: Willoughby to E Springfield PA (NE Lakeshore)

Today (March 20) was Road Trip V for Marc and I , one of a continuing series
of road trips for the purpose of capturing Ohio road features on film
(Marc's words, not mine :-).

This time around: The Northeast Ohio lakeshore from Willoughby on the west
(near the north end of 1-271, the Cleveland eastern bypass) to just across
border in West Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Route: I-90 and US 20 alternating eastbound, mostly 1-90 westbound
The photos, west to east (not including all "END" photos):

-- Willoughby: A concrete segment of abandoned Ohio 306 just south of I-90;
the US 20 bridge over the Chagrin River, plus shots of a few surrounding
including the eastern end of Cleveland's (now) somewhat-famous Euclid

-- Mentor: A pair of rare (to Ohio) five-high permissive right-turn traffic
a permissive dual left-turn lane pair; a New Jersey-style small green sign
Ohio 2 shield had a black background); and a variable turn-lane sign.

-- Painesville: Lots of things. Many old traffic signals, including .those
with "STOP"
and "CAUTION" in the lenses; a five-way red flashing light assembly (Jct.
Ohio 84/86
south intersection); an *old* US 20 overhead sign (James Schul mentioned
this one
about three years ago on here); an Ohio 20 sign error; and a diagrammatic
sign on an
at-grade road.

-- Perry: No photos -- there was a version of the low railroad clearance
sign just added
to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, but Sandor said he already
had a
picture from near Galion further south.

-- Madison: Drove through, no photos

-- Geneva: Harpersfield Covered Bridge on old Ohio 534 over the Grand River
south of 1-90, one of many covered bridges in Ashtabula County; an old brick
of US 20 on the west side of town which had remnants of a streetcar line;
some weird
versions of the Ohio 534 marker downtown; and the point where Ohio 534
Ohio 531 at just a curve right on the shore of Lake Erie.

-- Ashtabula: Ashtabula loves l2"-8"-8" traffic signals, of which we got a
good sample.
Also, there was a four-way, four-lens signal in town: Red-Yellow-Green-"
photos of that we got another one of those in the background whose "WALK"
signal had
been deactivated. Also in Ashtabula: A flashing
We also saw the ramps from I-90 to Oh 11. Of note here is that on the outer
ramps of
the cloverleaf come/go from Oh 11 from a 90 degree angle, instead of roundly
with Oh 11 (traffic from I-90 gets a stop sign before coming onto Oh 11).
No, we didn't have time to travel 15 miles south and to the rest area in the
medium of Oh 11. :-(

-- Kingsville (Jet. Ohio 84/193 north intersection): A Junction 84 assembly
on 193
which included yellow suggested speed signs usually found below warning
signs under
the route assemblies (one on each side of the road).

-- Conneaut: An 1-90 shield with "OHIO" (hopefully); a double flasher (two
flashers for each direction); an "OHIO TURNPIKE 63[!] MILES" trailblazer; a
/yellow/green-right - arrow signal with the red and green arrow lit at the
same time;
the other end of Ohio 531, which also morphs into another state route, Ohio
(although here it's at a four-way intersection); Jet. US 20/Ohio 7 which has
a ["SOUTH"]
(Ohio 7} [up-and-right-arrow sign] ; and a US 20 honorary sign at the
state line (it identifies General McPherson).

-- West Springfield, PA: End US 6N (aka SR 3006 on the small signs ); one or
two of the permanent colored PA detour signs (in this case, green and black)
; some PA
freeway signage; and the west end of PA 5.

-- Route ends: With Lake Erie nearby the whole time, there were about 30 of
these from
which to choose. However, we opted for these: Ohio 640 and Ohio 174, Ohio
2, Ohio 86,
Ohio 535 (west end), Ohio 283, Ohio II (and by default, Ohio 46), plus the
mentioned above.

A side note from me, with the help of unstable atmospheric conditions (i.e.
clouds) I could notice the lights of Metro Columbus as came home on I-71
south tonight from almost Mansfield on south (I'd say 55 miles from downtown
C-bus, 35 miles from I-71@ I-270). I've just never thought about that on
such a spatial scale before.

NOTE: Since Marc Fannin is still getting posting problems worked out, please
any posts to his e-mail at

Comments? Reactions? Tirades? Regrets?

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