Mini-road trip, Ohio: Lake Co to Wooster

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Marc Fannin

Jul 25, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/25/00
I went to perform with a woodwind ensemble at the Wooster Music Camp at
the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio yesterday. Route: I-90 WB at
Exit 193 to I-271 SB to I-71 SB to Ohio 83 SB to US 30 WB to various
Wooster city streets including part of Ohio 302. Return trip was the
same except for taking old 83 north out of Wooster. No camera so no

-- The new Harvard Road interchange is Exit 28B (Ohio
175/Richmond/Emery for I-271 SB is now Exit 28A).

-- I-480 EB has controls of "Cleveland/Toledo" (actually it's secret I-
480 North, the access between the US 422 freeway and I-480).

-- Oakleaf Road (I-271/480/Ohio 14 west frontage road between the
14/Broadway/Forbes exit and the 271/480/14 split) has a non-standard
two-way traffic sign with the up arrow on the left, obviously not

-- I know why "Akron" as a control on I-271 is so fresh in my mind:
there is a photo of a BGS with "Akron" on Sandor's and my site! , "Lots of numerals" entry
in the "Southeast area" section

-- I could see that new pillars have been built for the soon-to-be-
shifted Ohio Turnpike (I-80) massive bridges over the Cuyahoga River.

-- The eastbound overpass over I-271 at the 271/Turnpike over/under
crossing is closed for construction, causing the eastbound traffic to
use the westbound roadway. Not that unusual, except that in this case
eastbound traffic is about 75 feet almost straight down from where it
would usually go!

-- In a previous thread it was discussed that traffic going from I-271
WB to I-77 NB at the I-77/I-271/Ohio 176/old US 21 complex
( )
must take I-77 SB and turn around by using ramps at Ohio 176. Signage
on I-271 is interesting to say the least: The advance BGSs
say "{77}/Akron/Cleveland" while the BGS at the exit says "{77}
SOUTH/Akron/Cleveland" (implying 77 SB goes to both places, which
obviously it doesn't). There is also a side-marker assembly at the
exit: "[SOUTH]{77}[upper-right arrow]" "[TO][NORTH]{77}[upper-right

-- There is what looks like an asphalt processor in the spread median
of I-271 on the north side of Wilbur Road (the last overpass before
271's terminus at I-71 one-and-a-half miles to the southwest).

-- The signage for I-71 SB has "EXIT 1" tabs. If that "exit" is going
to be numbered anything, it should be Exit 0.

-- The small town of Burbank on Ohio 83 seems frozen in the 1950's with
respect to many things, including the signs and signalls (and it's
convenient to the Interstate!). Also, there is a nasty double-turn on
the north side of town, partly due to a former rail line just south of
the S-curve (with it now being torn out, a re-engineering might be

-- Wooster has southern-type doghouse signals in places -- the solids
are in a single standard three-light signal, and the left arrows are in
a two-light signal adjacent on the left side.

-- The Ohio 3/83 interchange has new ramps which provide more access
than just the quarter-access available before (3 S to 3/83 S and 3/83 N
to 3 N).

-- Wooster has many routes for its size. It was cool seeing all the
route shields and controls on the BGSs.

-- Regarding the exempt rail crossing: Wooster has a grade crossing on
the southern segment of its bypass (US 30/250 etc.) which is
exempt. "EXEMPT" plaques are located under both the "R X R" advance
sign and the crossbuck of the right of the pair of signal assemblies.

-- While most of the signed routes through Wooster have been moved to
the bypass (only Ohio 302 remains in town, and its route through town
has been shortened relatively recently), there are plenty of
trailblazers around town so travellers can find their way around
without getting too disoriented.

Marc Fannin (use first) or

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