FBI investigating protection of Biden crybaby bus by Trump supporters

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Joe and da' Ho'

Nov 1, 2020, 8:15:03 PM11/1/20
Washington (CNN)The FBI is investigating the alleged harassment
of a Joe Biden campaign bus last week by motorists displaying
Trump 2020 flags, an FBI spokesperson confirmed Sunday.

"FBI San Antonio is aware of the incident and investigating,"
FBI spokesperson Michelle Lee told CNN.

The incident took place in Texas on Friday as the campaign bus
was traveling from San Antonio to Austin as part of a push to
urge Biden supporters to cast their ballots on the state's last
day of early voting. A Biden campaign official described the
motorists' actions as an attempt to slow down the bus and run it
off the road.

People in vehicles that were part of a "Trump Train" began
yelling profanities and obscenities and then blockaded the
entire Biden entourage, according to a source familiar with the

At one point they slowed the tour bus to roughly 20 mph on
Interstate 35, the campaign official said. The vehicles slowed
down to try to stop the bus in the middle of the highway. The
source said there were nearly 100 vehicles around the campaign
bus. Biden staffers were rattled by the event, the source said,
though no one was hurt.

Neither Biden nor his running mate, California Sen. Kamala
Harris, were on the bus. Multiple sources told CNN that Wendy
Davis, a former state senator who is challenging Republican Rep.
Chip Roy for Texas' 21st Congressional District, was on the bus.
Davis' campaign declined to comment to CNN on Saturday.

Staffers on the bus called 911, which eventually led to local
law enforcement assisting the bus to its destination.

President Donald Trump tweeted a video of the bus incident with
the words "I LOVE TEXAS!" on Saturday, and claimed at a campaign
rally on Sunday that his supporters were "protecting" the bus.

"But it is something, did you see the way our people they ...
you know they were protecting his bus yesterday, because they're
nice," the President said.

Biden told reporters in Texas Sunday evening, "We've never had
anything like this."

"At least we've never had a president who thinks it's a good
thing," he said.

This story has been updated with FBI confirmation of the
investigation and comments from Joe Biden.


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> Washington (CNN)The FBI is investigating the harassment
> of a Joe Biden campaign bus last week by motorists displaying
> Trump 2020 flags, an FBI spokesperson confirmed Sunday.
> https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/01/politics/fbi-investigating-biden-
> bus-trump/index.html


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