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Rich White II

Sep 30, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/30/97

Tom Stolte wrote:

What? No:

Union Pathetic
Southern Pathetic
Natzi Southern

And don't forget.... all of those "Histerical" Societies....

Personally, some of them were good.. some were pretty stupid. You need
names that people can still identify a railroad too... The "Coolest
Railroad" and "Crappy Rap" would never make sense to another railfan by
the tracks.... But CornRail was pretty good!

Rich White II - rwh...@cimnet-folders.com
CIMNET Field Applications Engineer
J.N.L. Industries, Inc.

Tom Stolte

Sep 30, 1997, 3:00:00 AM9/30/97

Here is listed all the Railroad Nicknames that people have sent me over
a period of many months. I hope more will follow. If you do not see a
nickname listed, please e-mail me, or post them here. Many thanks to
all that have sent me nicknames.

Some of the full names I do not know, what are these railroads?
If you know what some of them are, Please tell me and I will
replace it with the full name. Thanks. Enjoy!

Tom Stolte - mlw...@lvnworth.com

Also visit my web site when you have the time.


Another Crushed Load

Always Leaking Coolant & Oil

Algoma Central RR
Agony central
All curves and high bumps

Amtrak Amcrash

Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe
Ate Tamales & Spit Fire
All Tramps Ride Free
Annoying, Tempermental and Stupid Fans
Argenta and Toad Suck Ferry
All Tonnage and Slow Freight
Assholes, Thieves, and Stupid F***ers
Always Trying, Still F***ed
All Tramps Sent Free
Ashcan, Toiletbowl & Sani-Flush

BART [SF Bay Area Rapid Transit]
Bay Area Reckless Transit

Boston & Maine
Broken and missing
(Guliford)- Banks & Money
Broken & mangled
blind and misguided
beguiled and misribule
Busted & Maimed
Busted & Mined
Bashed & Maimed

Burlington Northern
Big Nothing or Bankrupt Northern
Big Northern
Booze & Narcotics
Big Nothing

Burlington Northern & Santa Fe
Buns with Nothing, Salt and Fat, Buy Norfolk Southern and get Fat
Better Not Slip or Fall
Bob's New Santa Fe
Burlington Nothing and Sh** Faced
Bigger Now, Same F**king Railroad
Buy Now Sell Fast
Brand New Same F**king Railroad
Buy Now, Sell Forever
Better Not Ship Freight
Bigger Now Still F*cked
big nuts shrivel and fall
Buy Norfolk Southern Fast
Bigger Nothing, Still F***ed
Been Nuthin' Since Frisco!
Big New Santa Fe
Buy NS First
black nubian sex freak
believe nothing shoot first
Big Nasty Stinky Fart
BuN SnifF
Bunch a Nitwits and Stupid F**ks
Bullshit Northern Super Freaks

Baltimore & Ohio
Bad Order
Best & Only
Beefstake & Onions
Bankrupt & Overdrawn
Bumpy & obsolete

BPS&D Broken Pieces Strewn & Dropped
Bent Potted, Shitfaced & Decrepid
Big Pieces of Steam & Dieselized!!!

Birmingham Southern
Bull s***

Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh
Bumpy, Rocky & Peculiar

BWT&S Bobble, Wobble, Turnover & Stop.

Bellaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati
Bent, Zigzag & Crooked

CalTrain [SF-SJ commuter train]

Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
Cold, Hungry & Dirty
Cheap Help and Damned Poor Management
Charges High and Damn Rough Riding

Chicago & North Western
Cheap & No Wages
Can't and Never Will
Cardboard & No Wheels
Coal and No Water
Can Not Win (against the Omaha onslaught)
Cheep & Nothing Wasted
Can't amd Never Will
Chicago & NoWhere

Caroline & North Western
Can't & Never Will

Chesapeake & Ohio
Cheapskate & Oreo
Controlling & Overpowering

Colorado & Southern
Crooked and Slow
Cough & Snort

Chesapeake & Western
Crooked & Weedy

Colorado & Wyoming
Carpenter & Walrus

Chicgo & Great Western
Chicago and Great Weaties
Can't Get Worse
Chicago Great Weedy
Can't Go West
Can Grow Weeds

Chicago & Illinios Midland
Cheap and Ill Managed

Chicago Kalamazoo and Saginaw
Cus Kick & Swear

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville (Monon)
Crazy Idiots & Lunatics

Clinchfield RR
can't run railroad
cantankerous rotten rumguts

Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul & Pacific (Milwaukee Road)
Crushed, Mauled, STampeded, Pushed and Pulled
Cheapest, Meanest and slowest to Pay

Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific
Connections No Object, Tickets Please

Canadian National
currently negotiating
Chicken Noodle
Cost Nothing
Certainly No Rush
Crash National

Canadian National Rairoad
Can Not Rush

Central Oregon & Pacific
Clowns On Railroad Property

Canadian Pacific
Canuk Pacific
Cheapee Ragamuffins or rail
Canadian Pathetic

Conrail Con job
Clown Rail
Criminal Rail (Con Rail)
Congresssional Rip-off
currently retired
Can't Run
Corn Rail
The Coolest Railroad
Crappy Rap
Big Blue; Q-Blue

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific
Corroded, Rusty, Indigent and Pathetic
The Cry 'n' Pee
Come Right In & Pee
Conductors Rob Innocent Passengers
Crip or Crippy (as in crippled)

CSX Transportation, Inc.
Chicken S*** Xpress
Carrying Several Xylophones, Charred Sizzled and X-Rayed
chemical spill xperts
Can't Stop Xeroxing
Consensual SeX
Conrail Screwed Xtremely
Crap & Scrap Xperts
Creepin' Slow Xpress
Cut Scrap and here's the scissors to do it with.

Chicago Transit Authority (The bus line in Chicago)
Catastrophies, Tragedies, Accidents
Chicago's Taken Again

Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern
Dog Meat Express
Dilapidated, Mutilated & Explode

Dominion Atlantic Railway
Dust and Rust

Dubuque & Dakota
Damned Doubtful

Denver & Rio Grade Western
Dangerous & Rapidly Getting Worse?
Dirty & Rapidly Getting Worst
Dirty Ragged & Greasy

Delaware & Hudson
Dying & Hemhoraging
Desparate & Hungry
Delay and Hesitate

Detroit & Mackanac
Defeated & Mistreated

Deutsche Bahn (german RR)
Diggin buggers

Depew, Lancaster & Western (is actually) Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
Destitute, Lacksadasical and Weary
Delay, Linger, & Wait
Desperately Lacking Wampum

Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range
Damn Miserable & IrRate

Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic
(Soo Line Predicessor)
Damn Slow Service and Abuse
Damned Small Salaries & Abuse
Dirt, Soot, Smoke, and Ashes

Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
Damned, Tired, & Incompetent
Dirty I

East Broad Top
Eat beans and Toot

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern
Egypt, Jerusalem, and Elsewhere

Weary Erie
Dreary; Eerie; Weary

Erie Lackawanna
Erie Lackawampum
Eriee Lack of Money
Ever Late

Electro-Motive Division General Motors Corp.
Every Model Different
Easily Maintained Diesels

East Tennessee and Western North Carolina
Eat 'taters and wear no clothes

East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia
Eat Turnips, Vinegar & Greens
[post Civil War, food was scarce]

Florida East Coast
For Elderly Citizens
F***ing Employees Constantly
I first heard this one from an ex-FEC employee... they were one of the
first roads to go non-union
F*** Every Crew
F*** Every Customer

Frankfort & Cincinnati Railroad
Fart & Cough

Green Bay & Western
Grab your Baggage & Walk

Gone completely

General Electric Co.
generally elegant

Georgia, Fla. & Alabama
Gophers, Frogs & Alligators

Ga. & Fla.

Ga. Southern & Fla.
Go Slow & Flag


Great Northern
going nowhere

GT gone too

Grand Canyon
gland canyon

Grand Trunk
Grand Junk
Grand Funk

Grand Trunk Pacific
Get There Perhaps

Great Western Railway
God's Wonderful Railway / Great Way Round
Gas Works Railway

Houston, East & West Texas
Hell Either Way you Take it

Hoosic Tunnel & Wilmington (MA&VT)
Hoot Toot & Whistle
Hog Tied & Weary & Hot Tea & Whiskey

High Point Thomasville & Denton Railroad
High Priced Ticket & Damn Rough Ride

Houston & Texas Central
Hoboes & Tin Cans; also:
Hell on Texas Contractors
(had trouble paying its bills)

Illonis Central
ignorant corporation
Ill Cent (Sent)?

Illonis Central Gulf
"I Can't Go."

International Great Northern
Irishmen Going North

Incomplete & Overextended

Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis [PRR sub]
Jerusalem, Mexico & Ireland

Jamestown, Westfield & North Western
Jesus Wept and No Wonder
"said to have sprung from the brain of a traveling salesman after one
trip over the road" -A Treasury of Railroad Folklore

Japanesse RR Co.
Junk rail

Kansas City Southern
Kome C Small
Keep Cutting Staff

London & Port Stanley
Late & Poor Service

Lake Erie & Western [NKP predecessor]
Leave Early & Walk

Leavenworth Kansas & Western
Look, Kuss, & Wait

Lehigh & Hudson River
Late & Hungry

Long Island Rail Road
Wrong Island Rail Road
Long Island Snail Road
Least Intelligent Railroad

Louisville & Nashvile
Long & Narrow
Long & Nasty
Late & Never
Louseyville & Nastyville
Lousy & No good

LMS Lose 'em, mix 'em & smash 'em

London & North Eastern Railway
Late Never Early Railway

L,O&S Little, Old & Slow

Live Oak, Perry & Gulf
Lean Over, Push & Grunt

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern
Large Stations & Miserable Salaries,
Less Sleep & More Speed

Lehigh Valley
Like Vomit
Lost Venture
Leaky Valley

Manchester, Dorset and Granville
Mud, Dirt and Gravel

Maryland, Delaware & Virginia Railroad
Many Dirty Visits

Maryland & Delaware
"The Muddy & Dirty"

Maryland and Pennsvlvania
Ma & Pa

Minneapolis & St. Louis
Movin' & Still Loosin'
Midnight & Still Later
Maimed & Still Limping
Misery & Short Life

Middletown & Hummelstown

Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire
Mucky Slow & Lazy
Money sunk and lost

Macon, Dublin and Savannah
Mud, Dirt and Sand

Mass Central
More crap

Maine Central
Mean Central

Many Evening Trains Running Around

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
Money Thrown Away
More Trouble Ahead

MD&S Might Damn Slow

Missouri Kansas & Texas
Many Killed & Totched

Morristown & Erie
Morristown & Everywhere
me and ernie
Ben Central (for owner Ben Friedland, it's the most
common nickname in use by its own employees, and by the area buffs.)

Morris & Essex
Methodist & Episcopal (pre DL&W in N.J.)
...because they had no Sunday trains until 1899

Missouri & North Arkansas
May Never Arrive

Metro North
more (of) nothing

Missouri Pacific
Misery Pacific
Mostly Pus*ies
Miserly & Parsimonious
Morons Prevail (as in the Borg from Omaha)

MUNI [SF light-rail/bus]

Montana Rail Link
Make a right/Left??!!
"Merl", as in Haggard

More trouble Ahead

NASA need another seven astronauts
(yes they do have a railroad at Kennedy)

Nevada County Narrow Gauge (in Calif.)
Never Come Never Go
None Colorado Narrow Gauge
Never Come, Never Go

Narrow, Crooked & Ornery

Newburgh, Dutchess & Connecticut
Never Did & Couldn't

Norfolk Western
No F***ing Women
Nofokkin Way

New England Central
Never Ending Commotion

New Hope & Ivyland
No Hope

Norfolk & Western
Nights & Weekends
Norfolken Way
Needless & Worthless

New Jersey Transit
No Junky Trains
Need Janitors Touch
Not Just Trains
NJ Train-set

New Orleans & North Eastern
No Omelets, No Eggs

New York Central
no you can't

New York & Atlantic Railway (NYAR)
Not Yet A Railroad (Before May 15th)
Now You're A Railroad (After May 15th)
New York Amateur Railroad

New York, New Haven & Hartford
New Years No Home and Hungry

NYC Subway BMT
Buglers Murders and Thugs

Norfolk Southern
No S**t
No Show
Nazi Squad
Not Smart
Noone's Safe
Next Sucker
No Steam
Nothing Soon
Not Sanitary
Nidon't careS

Northwestern Pacific (a Southern Pacific subsidiary)
Nowhere in Particular
Never was prompt

New York, Susquehanna & Western
Now you sit and Wait

Nickel Plate
Nearly Kompletely Perfect
No Known Prototype

New York, Ontario & Western
Now young out & working
No Young Overweight Women
The Old Woman
Old And Weary
Not yet old & weary

Omaha Lincoln & Beatrice
Over Lincoln & Back

Puke & Lick it

Penn Central
Political Charade
Perfect Chaos
permenatly currupt
pile [of] crap

Pacific Great Eastern
Please Go Easy or Prince George Eventually
Pretty Goddamn Expensive
Provincial Government Expense
Province's Greatest Enterprise

Providence & Worcester
Pathetic & Wobbly

Pittsburgh, Ft Wayne & Chicago [PRR predecessor]
Pigs Feet, Whiskey & Cigars

Pierre, Rapid City & North Western
Plenty Rough Country & No Water

Pere Marquette
Poor Marquette

Pennsylvania Railroad
Pussie Rail Road
Poor Ragged Rascal

QA&P quit arguing and push

Rock Island
Rusty Iron

Richmond, Fredricksburg, and Potomac
Rich Folks & Pedigrees
Run Fast & Push

Rio Grande
Real Grungy/Grimy


Seaboard Coast Line
Service Customers Lack

SKGLB, from Salzburg to Bad Ischl, abandoned in the 1960s,

SKGLB Sie kommt gar langsam und bedächtig,
It comes very slowly and without any hurry.

S & D Slow & Dirty / Serene & Delightful

South East and Chatham Railway
Slow Easy And Comfortable

Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority
Society for Eliminating Passenger Trains in America
Society for Eliminating Public Transit Altogether

Santa Fe
Suffering Fools
sani flush

St Johnsbury & Lake Champlain
St Jesus & Late Comin'

SOO RR Silly Old Ordinary RR

Sothern Pacific Santa Fe
Shouldn't paint so fast
...because they painted the locos in anticipation
of a merger that
never went through

Southern Pacific
Smelly Perch
Stupid Police
sh***y property
Surrendered Peacefully (need I say more?)
stupid pussies
Sufferin Pacific
Stand Proud
suffering painfully
sorry and pathetic
soot princess
Super prick
supreem procrastinator
Sh*t Power

Seaboard System
Sh!tty stuff

Staten Island Rapid Transit
the SIRT (rhymes with Cert.)

Stockton Terminal & Eastern
Slow, Tired & Easy

Sumpter Valley Railway
Polygamy Central or Stump Dodger

the "Squeak"

Texas & Pacific
time and patience

The Monon Route
The Moron Route

Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo
"to hell and back"
Thump, Hump, & Bump

Terra Haute & Peoria
Take Hold & Push

Toledo, Peoria & Western
Tired Poor and Weary

Texas Pacific & Western
Take Parcels & Walk

Twin Mountain & Potomac (Wva narrow gauge orchard rr)
Two mules and a pony

Union Pacific
unlimited power
unstopable power
Ugly Power!!!
Uncle Pete
Unlimited parking (This is from an employee)
Utterly Putrid...Uncle Pete....Un Painted
Uppity Pacific and Uppity Pee.
unimaginatve paint
ulitmate privy
yoU Pee
Useless Pr*cks
Utterly Pathetic

VIA Rail
VIA Snail

WATCO Wild Ass Train COmpany

Waco Beaumont Trinity & Sabine
Wobbly Bobbly Turnover and Stop

Wheeling and Lake Erie
Walk and leave early

Wisconsin Central
We're Cheap
Whiskey Central

Wisconsin & Calumet

Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington (2 foot gauge in ME)
Weak, Weary & Feeble

Western Maryland
Wild Mary

White Pass & Yukon Route
Wait Patiently and You'll Ride

Western Pacific
Wobbly Pacific
Wobbly Pathetic
wayside property or wasted property
weed producers
worn-out paint
wear protection
"the Wobbly"

Wisconsin & Southern - WSOR
Wobbly Slow Old and Rusty

West Va. Central & Pittsburgh
Watch Very Carefully & Proceed

Yazoo Delta
Yellow Dog

Loren Petrich

Oct 13, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/13/97

In article <343156A6...@lvnworth.com>,
Tom Stolte <mlw...@lvnworth.com> wrote:

>Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority
> Society for Eliminating Passenger Trains in America
> Society for Eliminating Public Transit Altogether

Its acronym is SEPTA, which some turn into "Septic".

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