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David Samuel Barr

Jul 23, 2021, 4:29:05 PMJul 23
An overseas friend wrote me about
the problem he is having trying to
set up an IRS Online Account in
that he is stymied when he gets to
the physical address entry since
it won't accept addresses not in
the US. Of course, the instructions
I found clearly state "If you have
an international mailing address,
the only tool for which you
can register is the Online Payment
Agreement and you must request an
activation code by postal mail.
Generally, taxpayers or tax
professionals with international
addresses will be unable to register
for Get Transcript Online, View Your
Tax Account, Get an Identity
Protection PIN or e-Services tools
for tax professionals."

Seems pretty clearcut, but after
over 20 years on this group I
figure someone on it may have not
only encountered this but possibly
found a way around it (it does say
"generally," in front of the caveat
so maybe there are exceptions to be
had), so just tossing it out there
in case anyone has any bright ideas.

Thanks muchly.

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