All 526 IRS fill-in forms: a 'control panel' with buttons added

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Apr 7, 2003, 1:43:09 PM4/7/03
All 526 IRS fill-in forms improved:

The online forms posted on the IRS Website are very helpful.
But they can be improved.

Fill-in edit print any of IRS fill-in forms free of charge.

Free instant full unlimited access to fill-in forms directly
from any computer (no Internet connection no username no
password needed):

Now you have the following essential options available:

Improvement 1. To allow the user to export (save) all
answers of any form (in seconds by a click of button) --
offline, in Acrobat Reader.

Improvement 2. To allow the user to import (load) exported
answers into any form -- offline, in Acrobat Reader.

All online PDF forms are designed to be viewed via Acrobat
Reader (a free version of Acrobat full program).
Unfortunately, neither export nor import function is
available in Acrobat Reader (this is one of the limitations
of the Acrobat free version). Of course, only the free
version is available to millions of form users. There are a
few methods to substitute export/import function in Acrobat
Reader. However, all these methods are to view the form
online in an external window (such as a web browser). The
performance and functionality is always much higher if
document is viewed offline outside any external window. The
fill-in PDF forms are large files (fill-in field rectangles
significantly increase the file size). It is very difficult
and, in many cases, even impossible for an ordinary Internet
user to view large PDF files online. The only practical
method is to view PDF forms offline. To substitute
export/import function in Acrobat Reader, Adobe recently
offered the Reader Extensions. This software runs in the
range of $75,000.

However, by using free forms, you can
save your answers offline by a click of button (without
using the fdf toolkit or any other online procedure).

Improvement 3. To eliminate the scrolling effect in text
fields. Thousands of IRS form fields have scrolling effect.
The scrolling effect means that some answers can be too long
to fit in the field rectangles of IRS forms. However, when
an answer becomes too long to fit in a field rectangle, the
left part of the text starts to disappear (scroll)
automatically to allow the user to continue to type in the
right part of the field. As a result, some answers in the
form are printed incorrectly.

Improvement 4. To allow the user to type in answers of any
length to fit in the field rectangles without using the
'auto' text size property. Most of IRS forms allow to
provide only answers of limited length. This means that
millions of users are unable to fill-in the forms.

Improvement 5. To allow the user to show/hide all field
rectangles in any forms. Field rectangles are hidden in the
IRS forms. It is much easier to fill-in visible rectangles.
In some forms the rectangles are visible, but there is no
option to hide them.

Improvement 6. To allow the user to reset (delete, erase)
all the answers in any form in seconds by a click of a

Improvement 7. To significantly improve text alignment, text
font, text style in all fields of all forms.

Improvement 8. To correct multi-line/single-line field
property settings. This property is ignored in most IRS

There are other improvements that may well be needed.
However, the improvements outlined above constitute the
minimum necessary.

526 IRS fill-in forms improved:

About scrolling effect:
IRS scroll field information:

Never try to open pdf files online. Do not left-click the
links. Instead, download the files at your hard drive by
'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' right-click mouse method.
Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Right click (left click, if your mouse is configured
for left handed operation) on the PDF link.

Step 2. When presented with a menu, select:
- "Save Target As" (if you are using Internet Explorer) or
- "Save Link As" (if you are using Netscape).

Step 3. Select a destination folder.

Step 4. Download the PDF file into the selected folder.

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