Rebate taxable or not?

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Stan Brown

Nov 23, 2021, 6:09:03 PM11/23/21
I'm separating the two issues relating to my solar battery, to keep
things clearer.

The other issue is that I get a rebate of $200 per kWh storage
capacity under SGIP, the Self-Generation Incentive Program. Under this
program, SoCal Edison, which administers the program, sends me a
check. The battery is sold and installed by Semper Solaris, an
unrelated company. The SGIP application form says that SoCal Edison
"may" send me a form 1099, and the rebate "may" be taxable.

I thought rebates were reductions of cost, not income. Will I need to
include the amount of the rebate under income, and if so, where? Under
"other income"? Or do I reduce the amount I report on Form 5695 as my
cost by the amount of the rebate?

I believe the money ultimately comes from the state. If it matters, I
can find out for certain.

Stan Brown, Tehachapi, California, USA
Shikata ga nai...

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