Here's how the EVIL WEF and Western Tyrannical Govts take your FREEDOM by 2030!!

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Sep 23, 2022, 9:40:28 AMSep 23

Here's how the EVIL WEF and Western Tyrannical Govts take your FREEDOM
by 2030!!

WEF was created by CIA.

It's the EVIL CIA NSA MI6 MI5 ASIS ASIO Psychopaths and banking elites
like Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Wall Street who CONTROL and RUN the
Governments from behind, who already took all of your freedoms and civil
liberties away long time back.

You have NO rights, whatsoever.

This is the NEAR FUTURE for human species.
The furthest recesses of the human mind will one day be regulated by a
super computer network

Future humans will wake up in a world where they are tuned in to a
global hive mind remotely connected seamlessly & effortlessly

This will not be an option and it will not be a choice
In the very near future (before the public realizes it) The vast
majority of the human population will be remotely connected to a highly
advanced global hive mind. This will be done in a covert manner unseen
by most, and it will become intimate part of our lives, known or unknown
The plan of the Transhumanist agenda is to gradually absorb all
civilians into the Global Brain, takeover the mind of humanity, and then
slowly reveal to individual civilians that they are “tuned in” to this
Brain machine interface system.

#GlobalBrain #WorldSentientSimulation
There is currently a technocratic force on earth that believes it’s okay
to inflict artificial discomfort and pain into my consciousness anytime
it wants.

It’s like ancient times, with slaves, except now “your master” is linked

… how fun

Here's how the WEF takes your FREEDOM by 2030!!

The World Economic Forum claims they are "committed to improving the
state of the world" but the technology they want to implement by 2030
paints a VERY VERY different picture.

Let's investigate this dystopian future (MEGA🧵)

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