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Erik J. Heels

Aug 19, 1994, 4:41:02 PM8/19/94

This message has been sent to all those who have subscribed to "The Legal
List." Please direct all reply messages to
only. (My compatriots at Midnight Networks, who have been providing FTP
support for "The Legal List," were kind enough to let me do this mailing
from their system.)

Version 5.0 of "The Legal List" is being mailed separately. It has been
called "v5.0" (and not "v4.0") in recognition of the fact that vBeta.4 was
the first released version.

I hope that you find this version helpful. There are many improvements, too
many to mention here. Again, please direct all reply messages to

Thank you for your continued support of "The Legal List"!

Erik Heels

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