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Is a deal all-encompassing?

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Nov 14, 2023, 3:41:30 PM11/14/23
"Hall also revealed a previously undisclosed role in alleged harassment
of Ruby Freeman, a Fulton County election worker who has publicly
described having to go into hiding after Giuliani and others falsely
accused her of counting phony ballots. Hall said Cheeley approached him
to help locate Freeman, and he surmised that he was tapped because of
his skills tracking people down as a bail bondsman."

Even though Foni Willis made a deal with Hall, that he would talk and
she would let him have probabation on a lesser charge, cannot whatever
agency certifies/licenses bailbondsmen look at the facts of the case as
described in the paragraph above (his own admission) and the other
things that she charged him with but will according to the agreement not
puruse, and after investigation, still revoke his license to be a
bailbondman? (They are licensed, everywhere in the US right?)

I think you can tell, but just to be sure:
I am not a lawyer.

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