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Dan Hajidah

Aug 9, 2009, 6:07:38 AM8/9/09
George Bush financier Patricia Cornwell, Her Secret History with CIA
'Operation Mockingbird' to Suppress and Murder a Major US Dissident

by Dan Hajidah

As the author Patricia Cornwell faces criminal charges in Belgium for
spreading of criminal libel; her extortion and terrorist acts to murder
the political refugee Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs; and her violation of EU
laws with the US judges and government, to block the European websites
of Sachs from Google and the internet search engines -

One of the significant aspects to emerge, is that Cornwell herself
represents a turning-point in the decades-long CIA 'Operation

'Operation Mockingbird' is the US government and CIA enterprise to
control global media, that dates back to the 1940s origins of the CIA
itself, and which has now morphed into the CIA effort to control the
internet re US government management of Google and Wikipedia, as well as
the traditional US-linked 'news' outlets.

And of course you don't read much about the criminal charges pending
against Patricia Cornwell in Europe, because the US-tied English-
language global corporate media companies, are perfectly carrying out
their role in the CIA's 'Operation Mockingbird', a role which in which
they and Patricia Cornwell are partners.

Web link for author Patricia Cornwell and her place in CIA Operation

Patricia Cornwell is herself a leading figure in the progress of the US-
CIA 'Operation Mockingbird' over the decades, defining a major new
turning point in this CIA programme.

It is Patricia Cornwell's spearhead role in serving the CIA and US
powers, that as a personal friend of the George Bush family, she was
propped up into being a 'famous author', when the first George Bush was
US President, so that the millions of dollars of funds from Cornwell's
book sales, would itself become a financing tool for the US political

It is part of the US-CIA 'Operation Mockingbird' plan, that most book-
buyers are unaware that by buying a book with Patricia Cornwell's name
on it, they are giving financial support to the Bush family, the US
ruling elite, and to US-CIA activities of extortion and threats of
political murder, technically acts of 'terrorism', as will become
globally known via upcoming European court proceedings.

The political financier role of Cornwell, means that she calls upon full
US government resources, including CIA agents and the political and
bribe-taking US judges, to help her destroy, silence and murder any
journalist who might be exposing Cornwell's crimes, Patricia Cornwell's
racist and anti-Semitic perversions and acts of hate, or Cornwell's role
as a political money-mule who is simply an 'Operation Mockingbird'
conduit - with millions of dollars from Cornwell's mass-media book-sales
going to fund US political operations.

It is central to the CIA's Project Mockingbird, and Patricia Cornwell's
role as an Operation Mockingbird money-mule, that US media publish lies
to smear and slander Cornwell's victims. In some cases, such CIA-
corrupted media like Time-Warner's CNN 'News', are also the publishers
of Cornwell's books (Time-Warner Books). - Even dishonest college
professors also lend their names and titles to serve Patricia Cornwell
and CIA's Operation Mockingbird, these professors writing libellous
'academic articles' to help Cornwell to spread lies and plant criminal
libel on Wikipedia.

Cornwell's millions are sometimes given directly to political figures,
but very often to 'political charities' closely associated with US
political families, as a typical CIA way of distributing funds.
Cornwell's gifts and bribes include a a US $1 million payment to Barbara
Bush, mother of the latter President Bush, serving as a bribe directly
after Cornwell was involved in funding the extortion threats to have Dr
Les Sachs tortured to death in a US jail cell, as confirmed by US Dept
of Justice staff.

As her 'reward' for passing millions to US political figures, Patricia
Cornwell is allowed to make extortion threats as described above, and to
commit perjury in US federal courtrooms,

and even to pay judges to block the fully-documented secret biography of
Cornwell's early life from internet search results

- all much to the horror of a few 'old guard' US Justice Dept staff who
still believe in the old US Constitution, and who would like to see
Patricia Cornwell spend life in prison for her crimes.

Cornwell's confidence of CIA and US judge backing to help her murder and
destroy people, and silence journalism about her own past crimes, is the
basis of Cornwell's boasting that she can murder anyone whenever she
wants and get away with it.

Once Dr Les Sachs became a witness holding full proof of the racist
perversions and criminal acts of Patricia Cornwell, and with Sachs being
a nationally-known anti-corruption journalist with the ability to expose
Cornwell's true biography as shown in the proof documents, the full
resources of the US-CIA 'Operation Mockingbird' have been unleashed to
destroy and slander Dr Les Sachs, to erase his words from the web and
ultimately to kill him.

So the attacks funded by Patricia Cornwell, to ban Sachs' journalism and
to block his websites from the internet, quickly involved other major
sectors of the US government apparatus, including, according to staff of
the US Department of Justice itself:
- US federal judges in the 4th circuit, whom US Justice staff say
received bribes from Patricia Cornwell, and for payment of these bribes,
these judges held two 'show trial' fake 'legal proceedings' against
Sachs, first to instantly ban his freedom to speak and cover for threats
to kill him, and later to block the websites of Sachs from the internet;

- the CIA, which not only helped to spread lies about Sachs on

but also took a direct role in publicly asking for the blocking of the
websites of Sachs so he can be murdered, a request made via Dept of
Justice CIA representative Patrick Fitzgerald;
- FBI agents tied to Patricia Cornwell, who e-mailed computer viruses to
Sachs amid their terrorist efforts to harm Sachs and silence his
journalism by destroying European computers;
- US embassy staff under billionaire Zionist Sam Fox, who as US
ambassador to Belgium oversaw the efforts to have the non-Zionist Dr Les
Sachs banned, slandered, and then murdered in Belgium, with US agents
and law firms invited to commit criminal acts on Belgian and EU
territory. And now Sam Fox's replacement, Obama's Ambassador Pick Howard
Gutman Faces Questions Re US Crimes in Belgium against Dr Les Sachs.

The target of Patricia Cornwell's multi-year hatred -

Dr Les Sachs - Leslie Sachs
the historic political refugee from the United States in Brussels,

Dr Les Sachs - or Leslie Sachs - is an anti-corruption author and
journalist, political refugee from the US in Europe, who was nearly
assassinated in Belgium by US political figures in late 2007-2008. Dr
Les Sachs is the most important recent victim of the decades-long US-CIA
'Operation Mockingbird', the US-CIA efforts to control media and now the

and to slander, silence and murder dissident journalists such as Sachs.
Today, Dr Les Sachs is one of two notable EU Writers Under Threat of
Murder: Dr Les [Leslie] Sachs and Roberto Saviano; Sachs attended
Harvard and earned seven degrees from three universities.

Before the CIA and US judges joined in illegal orders on Google and
search engines to erase most of Sachs' journalism from the web,

Dr Les Sachs had been a leading critical journalist on US legal and
judicial corruption. So far, the Obama regime has continued the US-CIA
'Mockingbird' policies of illegally blocking EU websites to enable the
murder of Dr Les Sachs by US operations.

Under CIA-Mockingbird, US media, Wikipedia and even bribed college
professors join to spread hoaxes about Dr Les Sachs to slander him and
help murder him.

The 'CIA - Operation Mockingbird' global media hoaxes about Sachs
include a vicious libellous hoax claiming that Sachs is a 'stalker -
cyberstalker' because Sachs did not stay quiet about proof of US threats
to murder him;

another hoax claims the case is about trivial 'plagiarism accusations'
that Sachs never made.

Dr Les Sachs, relative of Jewish Holocaust victims,

was forced to take refuge in Europe after anti-Semitic threats of book-

the instant banning of his freedom of speech and freedom of the press,
and then friends of a US judge threatening to torture Sachs to death in
a jail cell, if he did not pay them extortion money for the rest of his

in a scheme funded by right-wing author, Bush friend and political
financier Patricia Cornwell. Cornwell has full US gov't backing for her
public boasts she can murder anyone,

despite Patricia Cornwell being a proven court perjurer,

and identified by US Dept of Justice staff as funding acts of extortion
and threats to murder Dr Les Sachs, as Cornwell tried to exterminate
Sachs' journalism and stop him showing proof of Cornwell's racist hate
crimes and her other offences.

It is likely that the Belgian murder of journalist Dr Les Sachs, was
prevented by the timely quiet intervention of members of the royal house
of the King of the Belgians, King Albert II; by the enquiries of
journalists into the real truth behind the US attacks upon Sachs; and
perhaps indeed by the grace of God, as Sachs himself never hesitates to
add. And now, Obama's Ambassador Pick Howard Gutman Faces Questions Re
US Crimes in Belgium to set up the murder of Dr Les Sachs.

Staff members of the US Department of Justice confirm, that Sachs is the
victim of US federal 'fake show trial legal proceedings' as corrupt as
anything that was done in the courts under Joe Stalin or Adolf Hitler:
US Justice sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both

Recent public domain photos of Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs:

Face of a political refugee - Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs taking a self-
portrait at a house of Belgian protectors (a 'safe house') in Brussels

Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs at the EU Parliament:

The near-assassination of Dr Les Sachs in Belgium by US political
figures in late 2007-2008, took place at about the same time that
Sachs' fellow refugee non-Zionist Jew, the chess master Bobby Fischer,
was apparently murdered by Western intelligence agents via injected
disease in Iceland.

Dr Les Sachs and Bobby Fischer were both born, a few years apart, in
Chicago, Illinois, USA. Both are non-Zionists of Jewish heritage, both
with genius-level intelligence. The immediate prelude to the CIA-backed
'Operation Mockingbird' near-murder of Dr Les Sachs, was the US holding
a fraudulent 'legal proceeding' to block the websites of Dr Les Sachs
from Google and from the internet search engines, and today we still
find the 'US Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US

Two Hoaxes to Murder a Political Refugee - The Banning and Slandering of
Dissident Journalist Dr Les Sachs - The 'Stalker - Cyberstalker' Hoax
and the 'Plagiarism Accusation' Hoax

The full deadly resources of the US-CIA 'Operation Mockingbird' to smear
and murder Dr Les Sachs, while his major journalism is ordered to be
'erased' from Google and internet search engines

Along with the US judges ordering Google to shut down and block nearly
all of Sachs' journalism, US media companies, who have been working for
many years as part of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird - led by CNN,
Wikipedia and the Associated Press - mounted a global slander campaign
to destroy the reputation of Dr Les Sachs, with criminal libels that
Sachs was a 'stalker' and 'cyberstalker' because he did not stay quiet
about the efforts and threats to have him banned and murdered.

As they spread these false stories, Wikipedia and the US media, omit to
tell that the same Virginia USA judges who declare that the political
refugee Sachs in Europe is a 'cyberstalker', are the same US judges whom
US Dept of Justice staff confirm as having threatened to torture Sachs
to death in a jail cell several years earlier - the same bribe-taking US
judges who had forced Dr Les Sachs to become a political refugee in
Europe in the first place.

This followed other long-standing internet hoaxes about Sachs, such as
CIA-backed lies on Wikipedia and other sites,

such as lies that Sachs had been merely banned from some trivial matter
of 'plagiarism accusations', which it turns out that Sachs never made.
The 'plagiarism accusation' story is a hoax to hide the real truth,
about anti-Semitic threats and US judges joining in extortion and
threats of murder against a dissident journalist:

Patricia Cornwell, CIA 'Operation Mockingbird', and Dr Les (Leslie)

- About Dan Hajidah -

Abdan "Dan" Hajidah is a researcher for journalists at European news
agencies, and is now doing some journalism under his own name. Dan
shares most of his time among several countries of Northern Europe - the
Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Dan is particularly interested in the role of progressive Muslim culture
in modern European life, and issues of freedom of expression that affect
the Muslim community. Dan has written articles on Islamic finance and
banking, and on inter-faith marriages among Muslims.

Dan's websites include:
Dan can be reached at:

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