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US-VT-Wilmington java javascript html programmer

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Oct 20, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/20/97

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Title: java javascript html programmer
Location: US-VT-Wilmington
Type: Personal (not a recruiter)
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Duration: Full Time
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Rte. 100 Box 2231
West Dover VT 05356
(802) 464 6325

This document is on-line at:


OOP, Design Patterns
5 years Assembler (808x, Z-80, 6502)
Java 1 1/2 years
Javascript 1 1/2 years
HTML 2 1/2 years
WWW 4 years


Windows 95, 3.11
Java: Visual Cafe DDE, IBM Visual Age for Java, Bongo GUI
Javascript: Webedit Pro, Visual Javascript
HTML: Webedit Pro, Symantec Visual Page
Graphics: Paint Shop Pro
Server: IBM WebRunner Toolkit, Netscape FastTrack


Designed, programmed and developed a computer operating system. Developed
manuals and documentation. Recruited, trained and managed software engineers and
others for
computer development which resulted in annual sales of over $500 million.

Consulted to individuals, groups, families and organizations in personal, career
development, and health and fitness instruction. Identifying goals, creating
well-formed outcomes and
milestones, modeling states of excellence, developing and testing strategies,
developing one-trial
learning and assessing results.

Directed training programs for industry, government and health agencies for
various professionals,
including engineers, doctors, nurses, therapists and managers. Results were
increased productivity,
morale and communication for staff and their organizations.


Virtual Systems Institute. (1994 to present). A research and training institute
to apply the technology of
computers and the Internet, and the sciences of systems theory, complexity and
non-linear dynamics to solve
problems in complex human and electronic systems. Web Site awards from Reader's
Digest, among others.
Current Projects include the Outcome Optimizer ( source ); the Patient
Communication System, a web-enabled
patient agent for collaborative hospital and home health care; and the
MetaProgram Data Analyzer, a
customizable user interface for networked databases, help files and search

Psychotherapist. Private practice (1980 to 1996). Enfield CT , (1980 to 1987);
Richard A.
Fahy, M.D. Associates, West Hartford CT (1987 to 1996); Virtual Systems
Institute (1994 to
present). Individual, family and group therapy, training and consultation.
Management training.
Career counseling and development. Family Videography.

Consultant. Catholic Family Services, New Britain CT (1987-1988). Individual and
group therapy.

Principal. Diversified Software Development, Inc. (1983-1985). Video game
development for Atari,
Colecovision. "Tooth Protectors", "Surfing Safari". Apple II, Mac, PC.

Senior Software Engineer, Coleco Industries, Hartford CT (1981-1982) Lead
engineer for
Colecovision OS and "Donkey Kong", "Carnival", "Smurf" videogame cartridges.
Recruited and
trained engineers and support staff.

Software Engineer, Game-A-Tron, Inc., New Britain CT (1980-1981) Assembly
programmer for video arcade and gaming machines. Video animation and video

Psychotherapist. Catholic Family Services, New Britain CT (1978-1980)
Individual, group and
family therapy, geriatric social work.

Supervisor. Child and Family Services, Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Managing Editor. Virgin Islands Free Press. Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

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