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Harry A. Schenck

May 17, 1994, 11:03:07 PM5/17/94

Tom Schenck
8960 Pelton Court
San Diego CA 92126
(619) 689-1090 or (619) 222-8274
(please do not reply to this internet address)
OBJECTIVE: To develop cutting edge multi-media software and techniques
with a hard-working team, and a devoted company.

Qix (Knight Technologies), Telegames USA (Atari Lynx)
Released Dec '91. Sole programmer, also developed sound
effects and music.

Guardians: Storms over Doria (Knight Tech), Telegames USA (Atari Lynx)
Unreleased. Developed initial milestones and menu/engine code.

Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop (Knight Tech), Atari (Atari Lynx)
Released Dec '92. Sole programmer, also developed sound
effects and music.

Double Dragon (Knight Technologies), Telegames USA (Atari Lynx)
Released June '93. Developed Initial milestone, music, and
menu/engine code.

Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge (Park Place Prod), GameTek (Super NES)
Released Christmas 1993. Developed initial milestones, and
engine code.

Pigskin Footbrawl (Park Place Prod), Razorsoft (Super NES)
Unreleased. Developed initial engine and also produced project.

Raiden (BlueSky Software), Atari (Atari Lynx)
Release unknown. Continued project from previous programmer.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (BlueSky Software),
Sega of America/Disney (Sega Game Gear).
Unreleased. Worked on design and initial engine code.

Road to the Cup Hockey '94 (Park Place Prod.), Electrobrain (Super NES)
Unreleased. Sole programmer. Develped tokenized-AI routines and
improved SNES sprite engine/support library.

ESPN: National Hockey Night (Park Place Prod.), Sony/ESPN (Super NES)
Unreleased. Developed initial milestones for perspective
mode-7 rink display.

Pegasus Racer (Ringler Studios), Ringler Studios (Sega Genesis)
Unreleased. Continued project from previous programmer.

Shut Up and Jam! (Ringler Studios), Atari/Accolade (Atari Jaguar)
Unreleased. Directed programmer (trainee) in development
of initial milestone.

Dec 1993 - May 1994
Ringler Studios - Costa Mesa, California
Senior Programmer/Technical Director ($47,500/yr)
Programed the Sega Genesis and directed operations for the
San Diego office interviewing, hiring, daily reports, logs,
and training new programmers and artists).

Feb 1993 - Dec 1993
Park Place Productions - Carlsbad, California
Senior Programmer/Assoc. Producer ($45,000/yr)
Programmed the Super NES and Atari Lynx as well as training
new Super NES programmers, and developing the Super NES
code library.

October 1992 - Feb 1993
BlueSky Software - La Jolla, California
Programmer ($30,000/yr)
Programmed the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear.

November 1990 - October 1992
Knight Technologies - San Diego, California
Programmer/Producer ($30,000)
Programmed the Atari Lynx and Super NES as well as conducting
client relations, and directing operations for projects.

6502/65816 Assembly, 80x86 Assembly, 68000 Assembly, Pascal, C, BASIC

Apple Macintosh, IBM PC, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST/ MEGA ST
AT&T Unix SVR5, BSD Unix 4.3


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