Personal Finance Newsletter: NEX VIEW, April 1998

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Roger Zeng

Apr 15, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/15/98

------------******** N E X V I E W ********--------------
April 10, 1998 No.26 98-4


NEX VIEW has been circulated for three years. Over the last 25
issues, we have received a great response form readers across the
world. There are now more than one thousand subscribers to NEX
VIEW. As the contributors of this Personal Finance Newsletter,
we deeply appreciate the warm responses from our readers. At the
same time, we are proud of our accomplishment in inspiring our
reader's awareness of building solid financial base and also of a
total return of 65% of our model portfolio established and
maintained since May 1st 1996. Unfortunately, however, we now
decide to stop the circulation service. In other words, this will
be the last issue for you, our kind readers.

It was a hard decision for us. Roger Zeng has moved on to
Internet consulting business. Paul Lin, a professional financial
advisor with Investors Group, has a large clientele to look
after. As Roger dedicates most of his energy to his business,
Paul's increasing business volume also requires more of his time.
Paul's first priority has to give to his clients. Also Paul has
committed to write a book entitled "Golden Key: Personal Wealth
Management", which is scheduled to be published in the fall of

The termination of the NEX VIEW does not mean that we do not care
for our readers' financial concerns. Paul Lin will be happy to
help our readers to build their personal financial independence
through direct contact and solid financial planning process,
which he believes will bring even more value to our readers. Paul
suggests to work with you to develop a tangible financial plan,
to design workable tax strategies, and to build a practical
investment portfolio and to review it on a regular basis.

Paul Lin can be reached by phone: (416) 491-7400 ext. 509 or by
email: or

Once again, we sincerely thank you for your patronage and support
over the last three years and wish you continued success in your
personal finance and investment.


NEX VIEW is an integrated personal finance newsletter that
encompasses a wide range of personal finance issues including:
- Market Commentary
- Model Portfolio
- Personal Financial Planning


Impressive gains have continued in both North American and
European markets over the last session. The markets were pushed
higher by both the increasing cash inflow and solid economic
fundamental. Most investors believe that the inflation is under
control and the economy is robust. This belief has inspired a
strong performance of bond markets. Meanwhile the merger wave in
the financial service sectors and the easiness of Asian financial
crisis add the fuel to almost all the North American and European
markets into record territories. The most important milestone may
belong to the Dow Jones Industrial Index which breaks the 9000

Japanese market has been looking for direction when investors
have awaited the government's another upcoming economic stimulus
package when previous packages failed to work.

Asia situations have been stabilized when most of Asian countries
are working closely with IMF. Also the promise of a stable
Chinese Yuan and interest rate cut from Chinese Premier Zhu
Rongji are helpful to the East Asian markets.

What will happen from now on? First we think the North American
and European markets should move in the same direction in
general. The merger activities and low inflation pressure should
still be the positive factors to support markets. However higher
valuation level of the current stock markets needs the support of
strong corporate earnings. Therefore the earning reports in the
upcoming weeks will determine whether the markets will take a
break before they can move further into record territory. From
our point of view, the current bullish trend is close to the end.

Japanese markets could have a big move in the near term. Whether
it moves up or down depends on whether the government will
consider to cut tax for Japan corporations.

Other emerging markets, including Latin America and other Asian
countries are expected to keep their slow recovery with


RETURN IS 65.06%.

The model portfolio is mixed with stocks and mutual funds. Buy
and Hold strategy applies. Sell of mutual fund holding will
depend on our monthly review. Sell of stocks will be triggered by
preset stop loss which represents the reverse of up-trend.

Breakwater Resources (BWR/TSE) was sold over last session when
the stop loss was triggered.

Review date: April 8, 1998
Ticker # of Entry Current/Sold Commission Stop
Share price/date price/date Cost Loss
BPL 2000 $4.05(10/02/98) $4.85 $29.5 $4.30
*BWR 2000 $3.00(10/02/98) $2.80 $25.5 $2.80
OSH.A 400 $18.75(10/11/96) $25.00 $41.5 $23.40
ICSC 3132 $10.17(08/09/96) $17.39
IUSO 1044 $14.36(27/10/97) $16.42

MONEY MARKET: $ 73,736.60


What do you need to remember about your investment portfolio?

"... try to be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when
others are greedy." -- Warren Buffett

"Good investing is really just common sense. But it is
astonishing how few people have common sense - how many people
can look at the exact same scenario, the exact same facts and not
see what is going to happen. Ninety percent of them will focus on
the same thing, but the good investors will see something else.
The ability to get away from conventional wisdom is not very
common." -- James Rogers

"Trying to pick tomorrow's winning fund based on yesterday's
performance is a difficult if not futile task. Concentrate on
solid performance and stick with those. Constantly switching your
money from one fund to another is an expensive habit that is
harmful to your net worth." -- Peter Lynch


Nex View is distributed solely for education/information
purposes. The newsletter's contributors do not take any
responsibility for losses in any form because of following their
advises. Recommendations shall not be construed as endorsements
for products or financial instruments.

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