MEDIA: Of Course, Cornyn Is Lying About Planned Amnesty Push. GOP Base Can Probably Block—But Where’s Birthright Citizenship Reform?

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John D Groenveld

Jul 3, 2022, 8:41:15 AMJul 3
VDare's Washington Watcher II on whether Kevin McCarthy and Mitch
McConnell will open the spigots to the Cheap Labor Lobby's scab
worker import pipelines to salvage Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from
the Biden stagflation:
| After pushing a red-flag gun-control bill last week, the lead
| Republican cosponsor, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, offered this gleeful
| take in the rarified atmosphere of bipartisan Beltway bonhomie:
| "First guns, now it's immigration." At least one Democratic senator
| cheered: Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema. Immigration patriots should hear
| alarm bells. Ever since Joe Biden took office, Cornyn has tried to
| concoct an Amnesty sellout. So far, he's come up empty. But the new
| spirit of "bipartisanship" might spur a new attempt to betray the
| Historic American Nation; Business-First Republicans will eagerly
| hop on board. Cornyn and his Treason Lobby friends do face a
| probably insurmountable obstacle: the GOP base. But the
| Congressional GOP should be thinking about offensive measures, for
| example ending Birthright Citizenship to build an "invisible wall"
| against the nation-breaking Biden Rush. There's not much sign they
| are.

Does Donald Trump regret hiring Mick Mulvaney to liaison with

"From Pres Trump, the 45th POTUS. I also never heard any of these
stories that Cassidy Hutchinson (whoever she is) just told about
Pres Trump. AGAIN, where was the National Guard that Pres Trump
requested??? Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, & Mayor Bowser refused to
bring in the NG!" - Marjorie Taylore Greene
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