MEDIA: US eyes making H-1B more flexible for startups, pacing up green card process

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John D Groenveld

Jul 5, 2022, 7:08:27 AMJul 5
Via Brave,
see Times of Inida's Priyanka Sangani on whether Donald Trump's Save
America PAC will endorse Ken Cuccinelli:
| The US intends to modernise the H-1B visa program as part of its
| regulatory agenda for 2023 which could benefit Indian applicants. It
| proposes introducing changes that will make it easier for startups
| to hire foreign workers on an H-1B non-immigrant visa as well as
| revise certain other regulaA,-tions which will streamline the
| process and reduce the possibility of fraud or misuse in the H-1B
| registration system. These are part of the proposals put forth by
| the Department of Homeland Security as part of the Spring Agenda.
| The Unified Agenda is a biannual regulatory agenda that provides a
| roadmap of planned federal rulemaking across various agencies.

Will Bill Stepien invite legacy American proles displaced by scab
workers imported by the Cheap Labor Lobby onto the campaign stage
at Save America PAC rallies?

"The Ukraine Kolomoyski-backed neo-Nazis smear Putin as a puppet of
Lubavitchers. The Lubavitchers in turn question Zelensky's ethnic
bona fides. This is reminiscent of how Trump was smeared as being a
puppet of Orthodox Jews by the alt-right." - Second City Bureaucrat
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